The Weirding Presents Are You in the House Alone?

This Saturday around 9:30pm CST, The Weirding crew gets together to view (and comment on) Are You in the House Alone? We're ignoring the poor grammar in the title alone, which should probably give you some clue as to the quality of this 1978 made-for-TV classic, only because it has a surplus of Quaids... if you are of the mind that any Quaid is too much Quaid.

Are You in the House Alone? starts around 9:30pm CST this Saturday on Google Hangouts. The replay will be available on the YouTube Channel afterward.

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Happy Birthday, Batman

Today is Batman's 75th anniversary - the birthdate of the creation (in the comics, Bats sorta defies the aging process). Happy birthday, Bruce Wayne!

We have a lot of things going on behind the scenes and that's why I haven't been around much. I also forgot to promote last week's movie but that turned out for the good since it was a dud. I will get some things together for this week's film, Are You in the House Alone? The event starts every Saturday night around 9:30pm CST.

I drew a picture of Bats a few years back and just came across it the other day. This is a great opportunity to share it but I cannot locate it right this second. If I come across it, I'll be sure to photograph it and add it to this post. I don't have a scanner, so I don't know how it will turn out.

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Mole Men Against Son of Hercules - TONIGHT! LIVE!

Okay, so this is a bit late but I have had company all week - and I do mean all week - long!

Tonight we tackle the Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules! We'll start with the Mole Men then work our way up to Son of Hercules - that dude's bound to be pretty big! Plus those Mole Men are bound to play dirty, so it's probably best to take them out first.

LIVE TONIGHT at all the usual places online (and probably some we're unaware of) at or around 9:30pm CST!

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The Weirding Update

What's happening, you guyses?

Just a quick note to let y'all know that the redesign is not at all going as planned and we are way, way behind schedule - so everything's going as well as it ever does.

Actually, we're moving right along and learning a whole shit-ton about coding that we're unlikely ever to use again - not because we won't need to but because it will be obsolete by the time I finish writing this post and we'll have to learn all new coding that we'll never use again because it is already obsolete. That's one of the reasons I always stuck to straight HTML as much as possible.

Unfortunately, we can no longer do that due to the type of content we now bring you, including audio/video, and the stuff we want to do that can only be accomplished through various scripts and coding. Another reason I always stuck to basic HTML is so that the site would not only load (quickly) in any browser on basically any operating system but that it would look the same under all of them. Again, that's simply no longer possible. When this site started, Chrome didn't even exist! (In fact, the original GeoCities site on which a lot of the content was first published was written in Netscape Composer.)

The new design uses everything from Java and JavaScript to embeds and all points between and we rarely have much choice as to that - for example, if Flash does what we need done, or another entity uses it and we wish to embed their content, then we have to use Flash. Depending on your browser, add-ons, security settings, and so forth, you're likely to get a lot of messages, errors, and/or warnings. This may not be the case by the time it all goes live but that's something I wanted to mention because we're kind of "soft-launching" some of the pages and you might come across them.

We're obviously not going to do anything to intentionally harm your computer, and I know this does nothing to improve our reputation by saying this, but DO NOT ADD US AS A TRUSTED SITE or drop your security settings just yet!

I don't mean to sound alarmist but we're still very much in beta and a lot of this is new to us (we even have new design software), so there's a very good chance that something on one or more of the pages will fuck something up on your end - probably just crash your browser or look all jumbled, but still. Of course we're going to test all of this before we release it but beware for now! Just know that should you encounter any of this stuff, the page probably does have some bug or another we've yet to work-out but it certainly isn't trying to infect you with an advertising beacon or phish your fucking Facebook password or whatever.

We're a very long way off from releasing the new design and all that but I wanted to let you know that it really is in full-swing - this isn't just a facelift or a little added functionality or whatever, it's a full-on redesign from the ground up. It's going to take quite some time and you're definitely going to encounter a lot of broken links and error pages along the way but we're working to contain those, as well.

Once everything is operational, there are almost certainly going to be certain browsers, OS, conditional settings, and so forth that will prevent the site from appearing correctly to everyone - some people may not be able to access some (or any) of it at all! - and that's a shame but some of the stuff we want to do and share simply requires more advanced technology and approaches.

Most of the stuff we're dealing with - coding, objects, all that - has been in use for several years now on many sites, so I don't really foresee any serious problems, I just wanted to mention this because we're starting to really move things around and you're going to start encountering new pages and content more and more in the coming weeks.

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Triggers and Tuners

So we got into an argument the other day as to how much  better drums sound with "triggers." As a percussionist, I kn ow those things can be utilized to evil means but, even before that (back in the late-1990s, early-2000s), everybody and their brother tried to convince me that I needed them - had to have them, can't play without them! - and I had to remind them that I had been playing (well, mind you) for decades prior to their release.

One of these friends happens to be a sound technician and before he could get on his little spiel, I had to remind him as to the aversion he and his friends had toward electronic tuners like you can find at musician friends back in the day. I think they use them to sing now but I know back then, they were used to tune stringed instruments and they were considered "cheating."

I'm all for advancement in all regards, I'm just also against falling for the latest trends and fads. Triggers have been around for about as long as tuners but I've yet to use them.

It's Friday, Bishes!

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Hercules Problems


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The Weirding Presents Hercules Against the Tyrants of Babylon

This week's movie is one for the ladies. And several men - even more men, once alcohol is introduced into the mix. ALLEGEDLY. And often.

This week, The Weirding Presents Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon! In a time when men's shirts were considered "gay," and women's shirts "mandatory," comes a tale like no other! We don't screen the movies ahead of time, so we don't know what it's about though.

Join us Saturday at 9:30pm CST on The Weirding @ YouTube for this mantastic classic.

You can also RSVP under the Events Page on the Google+ account or the Facebook Page.

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A Commercial Announcement

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Fourth of July holiday weekend! We hate to interrupt the festivities but we are parting with our usual "spammy" (thanks Google!) practice of paid advertisements only to pass along this important infomercial.

Stay safe and note that Hotel Furniture Liquidators is closed today for 'Murica.

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Happy Fourth of July!

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Time for the Weekend!

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Two Graves to Kung-Fu this Saturday

Remember when the weekend meant something - when it was more than just another couple of days stuck together? Well, we here to The Weirding are still on that kick. Because we are delusional man-children who live in a world of our own design.

This Saturday night at 9:30pm CST, we riff Two Graves to Kung-Fu LIVE on Google Hangouts. You can find us at the G+ page or our YouTube Channel.

No ticky, no watchy!

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It's Friday, Friday!

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This Saturday - Murder on Flight 502

Are you giving us a hassle, jive-turkeys? Some sort of hang-up?

This Saturday, The Weirding Presents Murder on Flight 502 starring Farrah Fawcett-Majors and apparently some other people and a murder and a plane. The show is, as always, LIVE and starts at, usually, 9:30pm CST. We have cleverly disguised where we Hangout so as to avoid the unwanted ire of our enemies but you might be able to find us on Google.

10-4, good buddies.

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The Weirding Presents Murder on Flight 502

This week we flyback to the Swingin' '70s with Farrah Fawcett-Majors and some other people or something in Murder on Flight 502. As usual, we have absolutely zero idea as to what we are getting ourselves into with this flick, as we have not screened it nor even taken the time to read the IMdB plot synopsis. One day, we're hoping they invent the kind of advanced technology that allows us the opportunity to do such things but this is not about The Future.

So be sure to join us this Saturday at 9:30pm CST at all the usual places. If you don't know them by now, you better ask somebody!

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