The Weirding Theater Presents Beyond the Bermuda Triangle

This Saturday around 9:30pm CST, The Weirding Theater takes to uncharted waters to watch both Fred MacMurray and Donna Mills sink their careers in the made-for-TV movie-of-the-week, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle. So, like, Cuba; we're going to Cuba.

We already do not need a bigger boat and we promise a temporary moratorium on Jaws references. We're going for Piranha references.

The Weirding Theater Presents Beyond the Bermuda Triangle LIVE this Saturday night at 9:30pm CST.

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Foam Padding

My health issues concerning my back and neck have been well-documented herein, as has my continuing search for a decent office chair that does not cost half a grand. In the meantime, you can buy foam padding online for your chairs and seats. If you sit for long periods of time as I obviously do, you know the necessity for such items. They can save you a lot of money as well, since ergonomic chairs and appliances cost a fortune!

So, before you spend all your hard-earned money on ergonomic stuff you really can't afford, check out the foam padding available online.

Rock-Out Cats, It's Friday!

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No Weirding Theater This Weekend

We all need a break once in a while and so it is that The Weirding Theater Presents will be taking off this week. We return to our usual shenanigans next week though with some dead, former movie stars on a boat. We think they're dead, their careers certainly were.

See you assbiters then!

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Friday, Baby

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Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft!

HPL by Virgil Finlay
Today is famed pulp horror fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft's birthday and we wanted to help you celebrate with a link to some of his writings so you can explore them at your leisure. This fantastic site (which I am loathe to link-out to since Google has spammed us) is the place to start, whether you are new to his works or an old fan.

Check out the homepage for links to more Lovecraft-related stuff, as well as the Horror Directory for more from across the Web as well as on-site.

I have uploaded some of the Library but it is presently unavailable. Stay tuned for more information regarding that!

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The Weirding Theater Presents Rip-Off

We had no idea Canada had children in the '70s but according to this fantastical movie, they did! And, going by the title alone, they hated life almost as much as American children do.

This Saturday, we go back in time to a magical place called the 1900s, when men were men and also sometimes women, to learn all about this imaginary place they call "Can Ada" when The Weirding Theater Presents Rip-Off. The live show starts around 9:30pm CST and is available on YouTube and Google Hangouts. Afterward, the recorded version will be available at The Weirding's YouTube channel.

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Ready for the Weekend?

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Remember to Update Your RSS Feed!

Now that the title has changed, so has the RSS Feed. Subscribers, please be sure to update using the handy chicklet to the right at the top or by clicking on the following link:



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The Weirding Theater Presents Black Cobra

Just because we're big fans of cult and exploitation films does not mean we're "purveyors of poor taste" or something smart-sounding. With that in mind, this Saturday night around 9:30pm CST, The Weirding Theater Presents Black Cobra.

In these trying times, in this country too often torn asunder by racial division, we decided it was in everyone's best interest to include at least one blaxploitation flick every now and again. Because we give a shit.

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Team Weng Needs You!

The Weirding needs you!

We don't much care what your skillset is so long as you are willing to not only contribute, but get down with "The Program." Like all websites and companies, The Weirding has, and is, cultivating what may seem to many to be a rather haphazard sort of "branding" (although we bristle at such a notion). That is to say that we have a direction in which we wish to take this site and whatever other media/content may result from it and we need like-minded people to join the fun.

The truth is that we cannot pay you outright due to tax regulations but we are not asking you to work "for free." We receive a shit-ton of what (we think) the kids call "swag" and we'll give you that shit. We also provide you with working materials, including programs, and other resources to help facilitate your output and personalize your workspace. Your work is unlikely to be seen by many because we get like zero visitors but you are expected to promote the site and content, including your own. We don't need programmers, so your job at McDonald's is secure, but if you're good at coding and/or webdesign, The Weirding could definitely use a facelift.


  • This is a "Nerd-Culture" site - a nerdery, a nerderarium - more specifically, a culture site curated by actual nerds. Watching Dr. Who does not make you a "geek" anymore so than liking comic book movies does.
  • Comic book appreciation, history, knowledge (including creators and companies) is mandatory.
  • Pop-Culture knowledge is mandatory.
  •  Movie buff knowledge is mandatory, specifically regarding B-raters and splatterflicks.
  • Knowledge of HTML is a must; DHTML, CSS, JS, Java, Pearl, Ruby on Rails, et. al. is all a plus. 
  • Knowledge of FTP is mandatory
  • We welcome ideas just not yours.
  • Photoshop (by any means - GIMP, Paint.Net, et. al.) is a must.
  • Metal (Heavy, Death, Doom, Progressive, Classic, et. al.) is a must. NO BLACK METAL (King Diamond and Mercyful Fate being the obvious the exceptions.)
  • Rudimentary knowledge of Art is necessary - composition, color scheme, personalities, works, et. al. This does not include Art History, though that is a bonus.
  • Blogging knowledge adamant - including use of tags/labels, Template/Layout, et. al.
  • You will be expected to help maintain blogs and social media outlets.
  • Full participation in American holidays mandatory.
  • Creators' Rights are fully respected and will remain intact. The Weirding's rights to display your work are not contractual nor considered "work for hire" but denote an implied relationship with the understanding that they may be used for promotional and/or decorative purposes.
  • Tasks are assigned and expected to be completed although deadlines are negotiable
  • If you consider yourself some sort of "improvisational comedian" who wishes to become a regular on the B-Rater, we're happy to audition you. You will not appear on the LIVE show until you pass the audition and have been tested off-air.
Not sure if you've got what it takes? Then please do not waste our time.

This is in no way considered a legally binding contract; this is an implied consent form.
Depending on certain circumstances an NDNC is required in full (mail-in).
Note the "Non-Compete" clause is negotiable.


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Gotta Get Down

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Welcome to Rated B

We're changing our name!

Yes, when I named the Fear the Outside weblog The Rundown in, or around, 2002-03, it was a rather quick decision that I'd given far less thought to than I should have. Truthfully, I'm reasonably certain I cribbed it from Bill O'Reilly's show. Hey, it was a time of war and sacrifices had to made - quick decisions could have saved some lives back then! This quick decision did none of that but Goddammit, it could have.

Of course, "The Rundown" is about as original a title as "Ass Invaders 28" but movies so entitled tend to do fairly well, so... Although the weblog itself has been online since around 1997-98, it had no title and once GeoCities went under, it disappeared. I saved a lot of that material although I've reposted little to none of it. Also, as a weblog, it had no specific purpose or subject matter - it dealt with everything from what I was feeling about everything from relationships to annoying commercials to comic books and movies, et. al. Furthermore, naming blogs wasn't important at all back then, so there didn't seem to be much sense in spending a lot of time overthinking it.

Then, when the BLOGGING BOOM came and went, a literal glut of blogs with the same title - mostly shitty and almost all of which have changed hands numerous times since then - emerged and quickly overtook us in the search engines. So, this title change - while well overdue and definitely something I've been wanting to do for a very, very long time - does have some business connection.

Still, the nature of the entire thing has changed over the years and I want the title to reflect that.

Because we accept non-Google AdWords advertisements, it is listed as a "spam" blog by that organized crime syndicate. Because I refuse to "pay protection" to these thugs and their strongarm tactics, we will not be requesting reconsideration for inclusion into their paid directory - ahem, "search engine."

We fully realize this is a BlogSpot blog, owned by the monopoly which has to remind itself and its employees to "Not be Evil," and that this may well mean this blog's termination on Comcast's Google's servers. If so, you will then be able to find Rated-B on The Weirding directly.

Please be sure to update your RSS Feeds accordingly! The new feed is:


You can also use the chicklet at the top righthand part of the screen, if it's easier.


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RIP Marilyn Burns

We were shocked and saddened to hear of Marilyn Burns' death at age 65 today. Burns is best known for her turn as the "Survivor Girl" lead in the classic horror film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Following that star turn, she appeared in a number of other horror B-raters as well as a handful of more "reputable" films.

Burns was found dead in her Houston home earlier today.

Our condolences to her friends and family.

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The Weirding Theater Presents Devil of the Desert Against Son of Hercules

This Saturday The Weirding Theater watches Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules. We don't screen these movies beforehand so we don't know which son we're gonna get but the title promises one of them and we're holding it to that.

The live show starts around 9:30pm CST and will be available online for replay.

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Friday, Friday

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