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The Weirding Theater Presents The Devil's Daughter

Last week, The Weirding Theater Presents gang took on a X-ian Rapture film so, to keep things even (just in case the Devil is real), we'll be watching The Devil's Daughter LIVE this Saturday night around 9:30pm CST. Just covering our collective ass, you know, just in case.

Yet another made-for-TV movie-of-the-week from the Goddamned 1970s, when Devil Flicks were churned-out like Internet pornography - only with lower budgets and less-talented performers reading from shabbier scripts.

The power of Christ compels you to join us this weekend for The Weirding Theater Presents The Devil's Daughter.

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Friday the 12th

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BOOM! Studios Partners with 20th Century FOX

As first reported by Deadline last week, we are happy to announce we've partnered with 20th Century Fox TV for a first-look deal to develop broadcast and cable TV shows based on our titles, including those published the core brand and from imprints Archaia, KaBOOM!, and BOOM! Box. This follows with our first-look arrangement with 20th Century Fox on the feature film side, which was announced last October.

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The Weirding Theater Presents The Moment After 1

With that ambitious a title, we're expecting really great things from this weekend's flick, The Moment After 1. It takes the bold approach few X-ian films dare in dealing with The Apocalypse that's sure to happen any fucking moment.

And what will we all do... The Moment After 1?

Whatever it is, it obviously takes more than A Moment since this movie has a sequel.

For any potential X-ian viewers fearful that we are going to mock their religion and/or religious beliefs, we will set your minds at ease: We are definitely going to be mocking your religion and religious beliefs.

So we'll see you Saturday night around 9:30pm CST for the LIVE broadcast of The Weirding Theater Presents The Moment After 1! Pending lightning strikes and/or the actual Apocalypse, you can catch the recorded Hangout on The Weirding YouTube Channel.

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Obligatory Friday Party Post

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The Weirding Overhaul Update

I guess I should number these update posts but we'd be well into the triple digits or so by now and I don't feel like going back to count them all.

ANYwho, I told you that we were not just updating the site but overhauling it as well - design, structure, even adding new content - and I know that's been a while back. Traditionally (like, since we launched nearly a decade ago), we release updates on Halloween and this time will be no different but we've already started updating and overhauling so, if you haven't checked us out lately, please take a moment to do so!

We have a literal shit-ton of stuff headed your way but it takes time, so be sure to check back often to see what's going on.

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The Weirding Theater Presents Beyond the Bermuda Triangle

This Saturday around 9:30pm CST, The Weirding Theater takes to uncharted waters to watch both Fred MacMurray and Donna Mills sink their careers in the made-for-TV movie-of-the-week, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle. So, like, Cuba; we're going to Cuba.

We already do not need a bigger boat and we promise a temporary moratorium on Jaws references. We're going for Piranha references.

The Weirding Theater Presents Beyond the Bermuda Triangle LIVE this Saturday night at 9:30pm CST.

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Foam Padding

My health issues concerning my back and neck have been well-documented herein, as has my continuing search for a decent office chair that does not cost half a grand. In the meantime, you can buy foam padding online for your chairs and seats. If you sit for long periods of time as I obviously do, you know the necessity for such items. They can save you a lot of money as well, since ergonomic chairs and appliances cost a fortune!

So, before you spend all your hard-earned money on ergonomic stuff you really can't afford, check out the foam padding available online.

Rock-Out Cats, It's Friday!

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No Weirding Theater This Weekend

We all need a break once in a while and so it is that The Weirding Theater Presents will be taking off this week. We return to our usual shenanigans next week though with some dead, former movie stars on a boat. We think they're dead, their careers certainly were.

See you assbiters then!

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Friday, Baby

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Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft!

HPL by Virgil Finlay
Today is famed pulp horror fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft's birthday and we wanted to help you celebrate with a link to some of his writings so you can explore them at your leisure. This fantastic site (which I am loathe to link-out to since Google has spammed us) is the place to start, whether you are new to his works or an old fan.

Check out the homepage for links to more Lovecraft-related stuff, as well as the Horror Directory for more from across the Web as well as on-site.

I have uploaded some of the Library but it is presently unavailable. Stay tuned for more information regarding that!

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The Weirding Theater Presents Rip-Off

We had no idea Canada had children in the '70s but according to this fantastical movie, they did! And, going by the title alone, they hated life almost as much as American children do.

This Saturday, we go back in time to a magical place called the 1900s, when men were men and also sometimes women, to learn all about this imaginary place they call "Can Ada" when The Weirding Theater Presents Rip-Off. The live show starts around 9:30pm CST and is available on YouTube and Google Hangouts. Afterward, the recorded version will be available at The Weirding's YouTube channel.

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Ready for the Weekend?

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