Thursday, March 26, 2020

Lockdown, Pt. 1

I am still hamstrung by Internet-related issues, such as Blogger trying to force me to allow i18n-cloud. appspot. com in this browser window to post images or video.  I have no idea what that is, nor have I seen it before, nor do I want to use it (whatever it is).  Google [dba, Blogger] also wants me to sign-in to a slew of Google services I do not use and do not want, including Google Play, Google APIs, et. al.

I believe there is a workaround but, yet again, I am unable to access The Weirding at all, which complicates matters.  I'm certain these issues are related but have no idea as to how, nor have I figured out how to block/remove/restrict them yet.  I planned to take the computer in for repair back when I last posted, then the COVID-19 outbreak occurred.

I actually was very sick for several weeks, with an extremely dry and forceful cough, high temperatures, and so on, but it appears to be tied to the weather and is most likely a sinus infection or simple cold/flu.  OTC medicines and a shitload of vitamin C got rid of the cough (mostly, it's productive when it occurs now and I'm not having long, hard, barking fits like I was) and fever, and my ears are draining, which is not indicative of the virus.

That said, I definitely could have contracted it but, either way, I sequestered myself indoors a week or so back -- a few days before this became a media sensation and political football (to borrow a buzzword) in the US.  I'm not sure people are taking it as seriously as they should, though traffic has thinned significantly, according to people with whom I've spoken.  I have not left my house in almost three weeks now, except to check the mail.

I have taken measures to avoid all Russian, Iranian, Chinese, and North Korean operatives, which is remarkably easy, in case you wondered.  I heard that Nashville is on lockdown and that there is a petition requesting Governor Bill Lee expand that statewide, which he has not done.  In fact, no Southern GOP Governor has issued a statewide lockdown as of this writing.  Governor Abbott volunteered Texas' septuagenarians for death, to which I say, "Okay, Boomers!"

Fuck 'em; they're Texans and we need the beds.  I suggest turning Six Flags Over Jaysus into a temporary shelter-in-place old folks' home / morgue -- at least until Easter, when all of this will magically be over!

There is a COVID-19 crisis unfolding in Tennessee and around it -- Louisiana is quickly overtaking New York as the epicenter of the US outbreak as I write this -- but it is unlikely to turn into the nightmare we're watching across the rest of the world for another week or two.  I plan on staying at home the entire time, mostly inside.

I'm going to post when I can and work on these computing issues, as well as catch-up on my subscriptions.  I read the last four issues of the original Daredevil (2019) run and I have the newest incarnation lined-up and ready to go, along with DKIII and Golden Child.  I also received the latest Weird Tales a while back and hope to get into that, too.  I'll at least post some music for the foreseeable future.

I suggest Pluto, Xumo, and Al-Jazeera for COVID-19 coverage, as well as Merlin, Young Dracula, and the original Being Human.  It looks like Pluto is finally running some different MST3K episodes, so I hope they get some new RiffTrax, too.  The NHK (Japan) channel is a really unexpected blast, as well!

Stay inside; limit your IRL, personal interactions; do your very best to avoid beaches, public transportation, hiking trails, and fatal viral infections; and wash your hands often.  "We're all in this together," but all of you need to be in this together over there --- - -- - --- >

© The Weirding, 2020

Monday, February 24, 2020

Update February 2020

I am still unable to access the site, though I am told that it is up and running.  I did not mean to post two music videos back-to-back.  I am still having issues posting images and videos to Blogger, and may have to skip a week or three, but I do not believe this is related to the issues with the site.

I found malware on my PC having something to do with my AMD video driver.  I found redirecting viri, as well (  The site itself was hacked and the CNAMES were changed to a static IP address pointing to  My personal IP address was then blacklisted, which is why I was unable to access my own website for all this time.

I received an e-mail stating that the site should have been up and running on the 18th.  It only arrived yesterday (Sunday) and was sent to my Spam folder.  I am unable to login to PayPal or GoDaddy; it sends me to the Brazil version of the sites instead.  GoDaddy actually takes me to a site that does not exist: ""

When I was able to access the site, I found a password file labeled "Decatur."  That is the county in which I live.  It appears that the US government has been embezzling all of the profits from The Weirding and related sites, including this one.  This may have been going on for far longer than the last few years.

All of this activity was tracked back to the Department of Defense and, specifically, the Department of Homeland Security.  The DHS "whistleblower," Phil Haney, was found shot dead yesterday.  This is meant to serve as a warning to myself and other Julian Assange and Bernie Sanders supporters.

In the days before any Republicans have lost their jobs or been indicted, their Statie supporters (and sundry religious extremists, et. al.) have surrounded my house and shot firearms -- lots of firearms.  They've done this literally for decades, but the only time any of them have ever shot at my house was when I first blocked, which they were using to spawn fake Russian sites from which they launch attacks.

Simply by backlinking to any site from these fake Russian sites, they can get your site blacklisted as being in a "bad neighborhood."  They also use porn sites and, specifically, porn sites featuring underage performers, bestiality, and other illegal activity.  Another trick they've used over the years is backlinking from illegal torrent sites.

No, Russians are not interfering in the election process (electronically, anyway); ISrael and Israel's Supporters are.  No, the White House computer or network (or whatever) was not hacked or "breached."  No, Chinese soldiers did not hack Equifax; that hack came out of Texas and was funneled through a megachurch.

The US government is doing all of these things, using "private companies" as proxies for plausible deniability.  Almost all of these companies are organized as LLC.  Once you start investigating them, the sites close, the companies go out of business, etc.  They all finally resolve to domains that have been out of business for years, most of which are companies that also closed down due to scandals, such as globalcrossing and worldcom, and numerous construction firms.

No, Bernie Sanders supporters did not deface Mike Bloomberg's Knoxville, TN, offices.  They really are stupid enough to not have installed security cameras, but they do have satellites in the area.  Literally all of that is complete bullshit and I can definitively prove it.

But, just for shits and giggles, let's think that last one through:

A billionaire Democrat who is aggressively campaigning against a rabidly Right-Wing extremist sets-up shop in the very buckle of the Bible Belt, yet fails to include security cameras that are basically standard for most residences across the country?  He's either a fucking idiot or an exceptionally bad liar.  I think he's both.

To whomsoever this may concern (not any of you):

You do not scare me, but you are starting to piss me off.

© The Weirding, 2020

Friday, February 21, 2020