Sunday, January 08, 2023

Lockdown, Pt. 4 - TV, Moving Pictures, and Streaming Services

Day 24234092740974:  I keep staring at the dog.  The dog keeps staring at me.  He looks hot; he's a hot dog.  He runs again.  I chase him.

TV and Movies (and Services/Apps)

I have Roku, so those of you with inferior set-top services might not be able to access all of these.  What's so great is that streaming offers newer and original programming as well as a wide array of older TV and classic films, which makes it easy to arrange online viewing "parties" and also participate in discussions the rest of us abandoned decades earlier.

Again, our world is becoming smaller in a cultural sense -- and that's a good thing!  At least, it can be, if we agree to make it so and keep it that way.  Let's do that -- for the children; let's do it for those fat, fucking children.

  • COMET and DUST(x) are pretty great for sci-fi fans, especially if you dig Stargate (which seems to be on every time I turn on COMET, although I've also caught Sliders in the afternoon).  I have no idea what the "x" means or stands for in DUST, nor why they dropped it recently.
  • Pluto's Sci-Fi is lacking (so far) but you can find Merlin, the original Being Human, Young Dracula, Robin Hood, and a lot of anime across the spectrum.  You can also set your favorites on Pluto so you don't have to scroll through the entire 250+ channels to find the ones you enjoy.  You can also catch a few of those shows on Vudu, Hulu, and Prime.
  • STIRR looks cool but refuses to load on my older Roku for some reason.  I have a newer device but my modem doesn't see it and I'm afraid to troubleshoot too hard and wind-up without Internet -- I don't think they'll be sending out any techs for a while.  I hope to check out STIRR when I can.
  • I have absolutely never enjoyed any Star Trek TV show and I'm sorry I haven't because there are a lot of them.  I liked a couple of those movies, though.
  • The Big Short (Pluto TV) -- All you really need to know about the current, and past, financial issues facing the US and the larger world.
  • Impossible Peace: The Time Between World Wars (Pluto History, Prime)
  • Republic of Doyle (Prime, Tubi, Vudu) -- Simply one of the best shows there is, in the vein of the early seasons of Burn Notice and Moonlighting.
  • Bosch (Prime) -- Since it premiered, Bosch has gotten progressively better with each season.  In fact, the first season is hardly representative of the series; it's a straight, by-the-numbers procedural that plays kind of dry.  But, stick with it!  Bosch returns in spades, becoming one of the best original shows on any streaming service.
  • Letterkenny (Hulu) -- Unapologetically Canadian, and that's what I appreciates about it.
All of this has probably changed, since I wrote it three years prior and never got the chance to publish it.  In fact, Hulu no longer even works on Roku I, so I was forced to upgrade my bedroom setup (which was also affected by unwanted visitors...).  But, I'm strapped for content and have been afk for a minute, so take it for whatever it's worth and I'll try to find stuff to talk about soon.

I've taken to eating sugary breakfast cereals by the fistful, right out of the goddamn box.  I hang out in front of small town grocery stores, smoking and mocking your fat-ass children.  I just jam it right into the front of the mask because fuck it; breakin' teeth in this motherfucker.  Everything tastes like cotton.

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