Thursday, December 11, 2008

RIP: Bettie Page

Infamous pinup princess, Bettie Page has died at age 85.

Adorning The Rundown's sidebar for quite some time now, the comely lass to your right is Bettie Page. Her life was marred by tragedy, having suffered an alleged gangrape in (where else?) Tennessee in her youth, Bettie Page went on to become a famous pinup girl in the 1950s. Her photos were considered racy, and many were sadomasochist in nature (bondage). Page became a cult figure but disappeared from public view. Page's later life was spent in and out of mental institutions. Those close to her said she suffered violent mood swings and severe depression.

Bettie Page suffered a heart attack on December 2nd and was placed on life-support. She passed away earlier tonight.

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