Monday, December 15, 2008

Advance Reviewer Pans Miller's The Spirit

A reviewer on Ain't It Cool News has posted an advance review of Frank Miller's The Spirit. And it is not pretty.

However, the guy is obviously not a comics fan, so let that temper your reaction to his nasty review. He lists some of his top movies of 2008 as a preface and includes both The Dark Knight and Iron Man, but once you read his ramblings, you will conclude that the movie theater is as close to any of these characters as he has ever gotten.

He also makes it pretty clear that he only knows Frank Miller from his movie work; he mentions his work on the Robocop films and Sin City, but does not even seem aware that Miller created Sin City! So:

Dear Who's-It,
Frank Miller created Sin City and was close friends with Will Eisner, who created The Spirit. It's absolutely fine that you did not care for his direction or work in general, but if you're going to pan it this hard, at least give the guy the benefit of a little research!

He does admit the movie looks great, which is at least half the battle - I can forgive Frank Miller for his directorial debut being a dud, so long as it looks as good as his sequential art work. The rest will come with time.

All in all, having not seen the movie, I can safely say this is not a researched review, but it's worth reading - most film-goers are not likely to know who Frank Miller is - or The Spirit, for that matter - so this may well be an indication of things to come.

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