Monday, December 15, 2008

Osbourne Under Investigation Following Charm School Brawl

Police are investigating Sharon Osbourne, host of VH1's Charm School, for an altercation she got into with former contestant and professional loser, Megan Hauserman. Hauserman allegedly made disparaging remarks about Sharon and her husband, rock legend, Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon Osbourne responded by attacking her, pulling her hair and scratching her face. Megan Hauserman has pressed charges against her for assault.

Hauserman won Beauty and the Geek at some point and has become a competitive reality show regular. She was booted from Charm School for fighting.

The assault took place at the taping of the Charm School reunion show.

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Anonymous said...

Megan Hauserman is disgusting and it's just too bad Sharon didn't get in even better licks on her. Megan says and does alot of rotten things to people and totally deserved what she got. I am not a fan of violence whatsoever, but if someone said what Megan did to me about my husband, she wouldn't of even walked out of there. I don't blame Sharon in the least for what she did.

Manodogs said...

You know, a lot of those chicks on there are cute but absolutely horrible human beings! I do not at all believe they are just doing it for the sake of the show; they're real assholes! And this Megan chick is one of them.