Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Decatur County, TN - Legal Games

Well, my lawyer managed to get a continuance on my court case to October 1st and I had known that since last week. However, no one at the courthouse in Decatur County, TN, seemed to know that. So I got a call at about 9:30 yesterday morning and was told I had to be there.

I got there and waited, fuming, until my name was called. When I approached the bench, I showed them the e-mail I had been sent. The female DA suggested "anyone could have written this" and then asked if I had paid him yet. I said, "No, that's why we needed the continuance." She goes, "Well, that usually makes sure they show up."

Everyone in Decatur County, TN, seems to think they are the most clever thing on God's green earth. Makes you wonder why meth is such a problem here, given as how they're all so damned smart. I guess I'm not quite as smart as they, but I am smart enough to stay away from meth. But I digress...

So I said, "Okay, I'm prepared to go forward without my attorney. In fact, I'll take a court-appointed attorney if necessary, but we can move ahead." I then made a motion for discovery to get the 911 calls - the ones where they told me child endangerment is not an emergency in Decatur County, TN, and I had no business "playing on the phone." That seemed to light a fire under the judge, who told me, "I'm not going to keep you from getting your attorney." But they had me sit back down to wait for the DA to talk to me.

I sat there for another 2 1/2 hours!

Finally, another attorney came up and said, "Oh yeah, I talked to your attorney the other day and your case has been reset for October 1st." I said, "That's what I said when I came in." He gave me one of those shit-eating shark grins and said he was sorry.

Not half as sorry as I intend for them to be.

Now I missed going to borrow the money I need to pay the attorney, so there's a very good possibility that I am going to end up bouncing a slew of checks because of this and I'm going to have to spend the money I need for the attorney on paying all the fees and checks I may bounce! I am so upset with this place, I could just burst! All I can do right now is pray to God that all the checks I have out don't come in before the end of the week because it's going to take that long to get the money in the bank.

While up there yesterday, I talked to about three different people who all agreed that the legal people here in Decatur County, TN, don't just favor local people, they - exactly as I said, literally the very words from my mouth - "just do whatever they want."

I'm holding out hope that everything turns out for the best, but until I get things clear, I can't even afford to move away from here! Now I'm scared to death about falling into dire financial straits due to all of this, and possibly even being forced back into jail for bounced checks... it's enough to make you physically sick!

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