Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brian Harnois: Drama Queen

If you are a fan of Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters (as I am), you know who Brian Harnois is. He's the cat who was, aside from Grant and Jason, the longest-standing member of the TAPS organization until he unceremoniously left after a series of arguments and foul-ups.

The split was somewhat acrimonious, with both Grant and Jason stating that they would not let him back in, but they did. And I agreed with it at the time. After all, this was only the first season and even though he's a bit of a dink and a slacker, the story was that he was involved in a toxic relationship and under a lot of pressure, so I tend to give most people the benefit of the doubt.

But he came back last season and cemented my initial impression: I just don't like him.

He's a drama queen, attention-seeker, liar, and total slacker. TAPS is not a serious endeavor to him; it is his "cool" factor. If TAPS were a garage band and everyone else was serious, he'd be the guy with the hand-me-down guitar and busted amp because he spends all his money on strippers, liquor, and "pimping" his black and primer muscle car. He'd always show up late for practice with some floozy on one arm and a gallon of whiskey in the other and every session would end in a confrontation (hard to tell I was a musician, isn't it?).

He constantly causes problems, from forgetting equipment to lying about having it, to simply not paying attention to what he's doing. He is so completely jealous of Steve -- and really anyone who gets any amount of attention or collects any evidence -- that I believe he intentionally sabotages things. 

And he's so full of shit when it comes to investigations! He's always smelling something, getting light-headed, seeing and feeling things -- he always freaks way the hell out and no one else has the same experiences! Every time he says he felt or saw anything, I cringe and roll my eyes. He is the skeptic's single best weapon against the group.

They should send his melodrama and bad attitude the hell on back to Jersey and get back to business. Notice none of this crap went down when he wasn't with them.

After the premiere last night was the premiere of the new series, Sci-Fi Investigates. I have to admit, I'm not that interested in Vodoun ("voodoo"), so I didn't pay it much mind, but it was pretty interesting all the same -- doubly so when I found out who the guy was they just named. 

In the promos, it was always, "An archaeologist, a crime scene investigator, a true believer, and This Guy (I forgot his name)" and I was always like, who is that guy and what does he do? Turns out he is a reality TV "star" from Survivor or something. I guess he's just there to provide some celebrity to the whole thing, which is cool -- hopefully it will get more viewers and the show will stick around for a while, because I think it's a great idea and much welcomed by serious enthusiasts, like myself.

But really, guys, cut Brian Harnois loose.


Anonymous said...

See, I agree AND disagree with you at the same time.

Sure, Brian can be a bit dramatic, among many other things, at times. But I mean, can you blame him?

When he left, Steve took over Brian's job. And coming back and being under the command of the job you USED to do, probably isn't the greatest thing in the world.

And as far as forgetting equipment. It's not always his fault. Sometimes a piece of equipment won't be in the right bag, or even in a bag. (Exhibit Mouse: when the mouse wasn't in a bag, but Steve had it in the van).

I understand where you're coming from with a lot of your remarks, but at the same time, I stick up for Brian.

Manodogs said...

Sorry I missed your comment before. I've been playing around with the new set-up and templates on Beta and just didn't see it.

Anyway, several people have been hitting the post, so I came to reread it and I agree. I went a little hard on him, I guess, but still...

Like I said, I was completely for letting him back in the group and all that and I know Steve's getting his job upset him, but none of this stuff happened when he was gone. Whether or not Brian likes it, Steve does his job better!

But I agree with you, too. And thanks for commenting!

Brian said...

Harnois is a fool; you're right on the mark. Cut him loose!

A Rymer said...

Amen brother, Harnois is a douchebag. But Ghosthunters is a reality show, so they are gonna have some drama element storyline. As much as I don't like him, I love making fun of him and laughing at him. He is the group's whipping boy and anytime anything wrong happens he gets blamed. I find it hilarious, I would never befriend this guy but he makes for good entertainment. His "personal experiences" are annoying and you can never trust him, he always seems full of shit and that is the one thing that I can't stand. I'm just glad Steve is in charge now, he's a good shit.

Anonymous said...

fuck you. Brian's like a big brother to me.

Anonymous said...

I never really saw Brian as anything more than a dramatic angle of a show packaged and promoted as a 'reality show.'
Come now. There's little to no 'reality' in the production of an episode. It's very much scripted and budgeted (plot, not finance) just like any other show on television that is sole mission is to get ratings.
I think anyone with a true paranormal background scoffs at just about everything to do with this show. The techniques, the people, the perpetual arguments (with or sans Brian)..the best analogy I can come up for it is that Ghost Hunters is the professional wrestling of the Paranormal. It's based very loosely on the paranormal that's packaged in a big, dramatic plot made for TV.
So maybe Brian is a douchebag.
But what's one douchebag in an entire cast of douchebags?
It's all douchebaggery to me and (I like to believe) anyone with a real background in paranormal studies and experience.
Real 'haunting' shows are possible...they have been done well before. Many times before.
This, however, is not even close to being a good one. Thanks for listening.

Manodogs said...

Oh, and by the way, that's the esteemed Mr. Harnois who commented above.

Just so you know.

Manodogs said...

Okay, I don't know how I lost it, but I posted a lengthy comment:

I find Brian douchey, but I stringently disagree as to the show: I find Ghost Hunters to be one of the most important shows on TV.

Join us at The OddBlog - it's our paranormal, Supernatural-type blog.

And thanks for visiting and commenting!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think this is a "reality show"? The bottom line is keeping asses in the seats and when the editors don't make Brian look like a tool, the show is pretty boring, isn't it? Hell they even go so far as to play dumb guy music while Grant and Jason make him do the same things over and over. Don't be fooled.

Manodogs said...

Well, that depends... like, how do you mean?

I mean, I know there's a lot of editing to create "storylines" and manufacture entertainment, but that doesn't bother me; that's how they make "reality" shows and what separates them from documentaries.

But I've said before that I think the very fact that so little happens on most of the episodes is "proof" to me that the events they do capture are very real.

So, if you're suggesting that it's all fakery and bullshit, then I disagree totally! But yes, I know that there is a lot of douching-around and probably a lot of, "Hey, let me do that again - I got a joke... I should have said this:" going on.

But, for as far as all this goes genre-wise - and I love to use this to make the distinction between "reality" and documentaries - put in basically any porn flick you have. OH RIGHT, LIKE YOU DON'T! JUST PUT THE TAPE IN, HUH?!

Now find a scene you haven't completely memorized and watch very closely. See that?! That's right: they literally repeat the exact same 10-20 seconds at least once in a whole lot of those scenes just to stretch them out.

Now, there's no denying that actual sex is taking place (which blurs the lines between documentary and anything else), but the editing is used to enhance the "performance" aspect of the whole thing, making it what they now call "reality."

Yes, porno as we know it was the first real "reality TV." Ironically, the next one was Cops.

The OddBlog is about to get back into full-swing, depending on how this new modem works out.

Anonymous said...

I happen to like Brian. Do any of you know him personally? Have any of you witnessed his personal life? No, I don't think so. And niether have I even. So don't go too quick to just judge him all based on this T.V. show. That definatly isn't right at all. On the show he was having personal issues, with his girlfriend and such. He has lied on the show. so what, who hasn't lied in their lives. does that make them a douche? if thats what you would like to think, than fine. I personally say, he's a good guy, he deserves more credit than he actually recieves.

Anonymous said...

I think Brian is the awsome! He is really funny and it is the real kind of funny not the scripted kind like in movies! Ghost Hunters is one of the best shows on TV.

Anonymous said...

BRIAN "B.S.-er" HAS GOT TO GO! In agreement with the above posts, he's turning the show into a "Real World" kinda' thing.

And how the hell can you call yourself a ghost hunter if you've ran away from noises "twice" now that I've seen. Even the girls stay in one spot and don't go pissing themselves out of the building.

Also, he's always wanting to be the leader, "run", "dude, over here" all to just simply investigate his imaginations and, like what's said above, his feelings and smells and a bunch of nothing that he WILL stick around to investigate because it's not real, it's not paranormal. If it was, he'd be running!

Get him off the show, it's really starting to affect the viewership.

Drama Queen is an understatement. My friends would've done sent his ass packin' with a no return order. He needs to go away!

Anonymous said...

i dont like the constant drama that is here. you say brian is dramatic look at this stupid forum. i am sticking up for brian. he has a family and job. this is so stupid of someone to go picking on someone they dont even know that well. ya all get a life and stop nagging at brian.

Anonymous said...

pretty much brian is the most bodaciously radical person EVER! and im sooo gonna marry him some day!! and my friend here is gonna marry dave! o yea that right! and he's not fake or a drama queen! soo get over it! find something better to do with your life!

Anonymous said...

If Ghost Hunters wanna be portrayed as jus a reality show, Brian is a good fit. He adds a lot of drama and is the funniest person in the show, not because he tries to be, but because he's so stupid and tries to act smart.

As much as I like to see Brian messin up something or running away from shadows, the show cannot be credible with a clown among believers.

Anonymous said...

My take on Brian?

He discovers a lot of legitimate paranormal activity. Period. The show has benefited from his presence and ability to research audio/video findings to find something of value to present to Jason and Grant.

lpr2011 said...

That's just stupid!You don't even know Brian.That's just wrong to say that.Brian is a great Ghost Hunter.Just like Steve,Jason,and Grant.And all the other members.Brian isn't a DRAMA QUEEN!Quite talking about him like you know him.A true GH fan would defend him.I can't believe all of you are saying that Brian is a DRAMA QUEEN!What if someone told you that you were a jerk or a fake?HMMM!I don't think you'd like it.But I'll be happy to say it.All of the people that called Brian Harnois a DRAMA QUEEN are JERKS!ALL OF YOU ARE JERKS!Brian Harnois is a good guy.And he's NO DRAMA QUEEN.Besides if you were smart you'd know that in Ghost Hunting if you hear or feel anything even if it's little you need to speak up.So DUH!

Manodogs said...

Wow! Talk about drama queens!


lpr2011 said...

And you call yourself a fan?HA.Now that's funny.How could you be so stupid as to take what you thought you knew and turn it into something you knew you didn't know.So typical of someone who's looking for attention.The point of the show is to capture things.FEELINGS!SEEINGS!Obviously he's doing his job.So do us all whom disagree with a favor and shut up.

shariboo said...

I googled Brian because I thought he was hot, and found this site. I wouldn't watch it if he weren't on it. They would have been crazy not to have him back on after he was younger and immature.

Anonymous said...

He's great. Keep him on. I googled Brian because I thought he was hot. I wouldn't be watching as much if he wasn't on. They need a young hot guy like him for the show. They would have been crazy not to have had him back on - at the time he was just younger and immature. And he has matured and really picked up the slack.

Manodogs said...

Brian Harnois has left the TAPS family and the show.

We now cover Ghost Hunters and other paranormal-related stuff (including paranormal-based reality TV, but not comics and movies) over on The OddBlog.

Welcome to The Rundown, Shariboo/Anonymous! We hope you find plenty to keep you occupied and Comment more! Thanks to spam, all comments have to be approved before they appear, but it's rarely more than a few hours before they are and, as you can see from some of the comments on this post alone, we will publish pretty much anything - good, bad, misspelled, or even from AOLamerz who shouldn't be on their Mommy's computer while she's gone to work.

Anonymous said...

Oh I so agree that Brian is a tool and needs to leave, but I agree with the other comment that I do enjoy watching him F*ck everything up. I grab a bag of corn and say how can I hate Brian tonight, let me count the ways. I also think it's pretty lame to comment on yourself mr anonymous Brian, boy you can't handle rejection can you?Guess that's why you obviously hate Super Steve! Since you are monitoring our blog comments about you, maybe you should tone down the evil looks and eye rollings when your around steve and oh I don't know maybe not f*ck up so much and maybe we'd start liking you! NOT, I used to pick on guys like you in high school, and at your age you should really start acting like your not still there. It was refreshing to find someone who feels the same about Brian, OMG did you see his my space site? If the show doesn't make him look like a Gump, his own website sure goes that extra mile to cinch the deal! Boy it felt good to get that out! I have been annoyed with him since the show first premiered, thanks for letting me vent.

Manodogs said...

This is Brian's comment. I'm not 1000% positive because he hasn't confirmed it yet and he doesn't have to. I say this because it reads the way he talks and writes his blog entries and also because it is set to private and he does that a lot on his other blogs and pages, too.

Like I said above, I dropped a lot of "news" (some of it is pretty old) on Brian, Donna, and Andy's new project, as well as all the attacks on T.A.P.S. from (apparently) various factions that have been going on as late, on The OddBlog yesterday and, if you're a fan of the Supernatural and paranormal in general, today's going to be a big day over there, so please check back throughout the day.

We have UFOs and mad gassers and lake monsters and more - oh my!

lpr2011 said...

What the F*uck is wrong with you people.You act like you haven't F*ucking messed up before.Why the HELL are you all commenting stupid Shit like that?Brian has the right to stand up to his members.As do all the others.Steve does it.Why can't Brian?He has the right too.So stop making Brian look like a jerk.Cause he ain't and you know it!You all act like one screw up is the end of the world.We are all mess ups and screw ups.Do yourslef a favor and stop trying to act like hard asses by picking on Brian.Cause you're obviously not acting your age.Leave the guy alone.

Manodogs said...

Look here, you common, little douchebag: I realize you are posting directly from AOL because AOL lets little boys like you get away with shit like this, but this here is my blog. Harnois has already commented here and if you would STFU long enough to read ALL the comments, you'd see that many of agree that he's not such a bad guy, just not very good at what he does when it comes to investigations.

FURTHER, you've leveled a bevy of accusations at me and others here and I RUN THIS JUNT, SON so if you don't like it, go get your own "l33t bl0gz" and tell everyone what you think.

We are fully more well-apprised of Harnois' gaffes and delusional practices than you and the two reruns they showed last night - just so you know - were the first one where Jay busted him out for losing all their shit; the second one was where they got onto Andy for being so hyper and not listening to Brian - so his screw-ups are LEGENDARY and more than well-documented.

You're not a fricking "fan," you're a sycophant trolling for a fight, "just to get some attention," to quote YOU.

You're a little boy who needs to learn how to SPELL, how to PUNCTUATE, and how to STFU when you get in WAYYY over your pea-brained head. Not to mention learn how to stay off your mom's computer before she comes in early and catches you talking shit to grown folk who can, and sometimes will, eat your lunch.

I do not mind you speaking your mind - I welcome it - but if you can't cut down on the insults and trolling, I will not post anymore of this leakage from your douchebag which you think passes for intelligent thought.

Even if I weren't smarter than you, and everyone you're ever going to meet even if you live to be 100 - and I am, oh I am - this is MY blog and I call the shots here.

It's bullshit like this that made us institute the pre-approved rule on comments.

Now go over to OddBlog and see what all else I've posted on Brian and them the past few days.

But don't insult me or my readers here again. And the same rules apply over there. If you want to flame, go the site, sign up at The Speakeasy, and post it in the flame forum.

And bring a lunch. I prefer tuna fish, but PB&J is fine. Just make sure your mama cuts the crusts off, cuz that's how I like it.

Anonymous said...

Harnois brings down the credibility of the show. He's the guy that can't help but lie. We all knew at least one in life. I love watching the show but love it even more when Brian is not there. Now Tango is fun to watch. The tiara? Come on it doesn't get better than that!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe any of you dinks like this crap show at all. Mario and Luigi aren't even fun to watch, it's dull as hell. Look! Point the camera! It's a dust spot! Yawn. The reason most of you didn't like Harnois is because he's too much like you dweezils for comfort. Personally, I thought he gave some much-needed conflict to the show, otherwise it's just a snooze fest.

Anonymous said...

Blog owner approval? What the matter? Afraid of letting people read the TRUTH about Brian Harnois being a better person than Steve "SuperWuss" Gonsalves? Hell, I don't doubt this is Steve's blogs proving his damned jealousy of Brian, cause Brian is BETTER! At least HE's not scared of spiders, bugs, ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. Are you AFRAID to post the TRUTH?

billnhill said...

Brian Harnois was abused by Jayson Hawes. Jayson always says "Brian's a good friend of mine"?? What does he mean by this? Why does Jayson keep mentioning 'friendship' with Brian and then persecute his every move? Bullshit, there's no friendship in persecution and if you ask me Jayson Hawes in Hitler reincarnated! Same insulting eye lurking around just looking for err, just looking to kill someone with his mean glare! Who would want to work with a jerk like that?

Grant just tippy-toes around agreeing with Jayson, the whole show is to keep Jayson feeling like he's the big boss, secondary to that it's a ghost hunting show!

Brian, you took off, you saved yourself the humiliation that Jayson the Jerk was putting you through show after show. There were times I thought I was watching a show about setting up equipment.. then suddenly I realized it was a ghost hunting show. Why do we the viewers have to be in on all the setting up of equipment?

Any other show that's ever existed about exploration or discovery.. you never see the setting up of equipment, you see the importance of what is being explored in this case ghosts.. Show us ghosts and things like that now how Brian is not perfect.. we all know that he's not perfect but when Jayson's not perfect you'll never see that!!


Manodogs said...

I wanted to respond to this. I have been waiting to respond to this.

I see what you are saying. I know Jason called Donna a "bitch" one night and she took it very personally, but I don't think he really meant it to be like that. But it still made me think even more about what you have said here.

Jason Hawes bought all the equipment that made TAPS, you know, TAPS. If you go back to the first season, there was a segment where Jason confronted Grant about taking up some of the financial slack.

I think that Jason feels - or at least felt - a bit like a "sell-out" for signing up to do this reality show and that made him edgy and, possibly - possibly - even "abusive" at times. I put that in quotes because I can see as to where his acerbic behavior (at times) can be considered abusive by some, but - being the owner of a website and several blogs where I pay all the fees and having been attacked for taking on sponsored posts, not paying "talent" enough (you can't call it Talent when you have to edit the shit out of it and send it back and argue and fuss and fight and eventually settle for buying the whole thing outright for a cut-rate - all because it really wasn't up to par to begin with), and any number of other bullshit accusations and just crap lies from folks who really were never serious about what they were doing to begin with - I have some insight into this entire thing.

I think Brian's an effing douchebag, period.

I think he smooth-tongued Donna and Andy into "getting on his side" and I think he has done some serious damage to the credibility of TAPS, insofar as their internal politics go. Conversely, I think TAPS a real and serious organization who go the extra mile to do what they do and that they will champion over all this little-boy bickering Brian Harnois has created.

Is Jason Hawes "abusive"?

I sincerely doubt it.

Is Brian Harnois a douchebag?

Well, yes. Yes, he is.

And I don't need to "know" him personally - or in a Biblical sense - to know this. I don't need to personally know and be involved with the crackheads next door to know that they are On Dope; I don't need to be a witness to an execution to know someone is dead; I don't need to travel to Loch Ness myself to know that people have seen something in the lake.

Grow up.

Brian's behavior has been well-documented and I think for Jason, Grant, or anyone else to spend this much time worrying about how they are going to be viewed or thought of because of such a negative, bad influence is just a waste of everyone's time.

While I quit discussing it here a while back, I do know a thing or two about these things and I'm more than slightly dismayed that this guy is able to sway so many of you to his "side" with nothing more than emotional rhetoric!

That, alone, goes a very long way in illustrating the point that he is just a slack-jawed goon who never actually discovered anything on his own because he was too busy chatting with his new girlfriend or his old one, worried about whether or not he was the boss or Steve was, and on and on and on...

Anonymous said...

I just have to say to the people who are sticking up for brian is that you guys are so right. people shouldn't rag on people who they don't even know. I say fuck you to all the others who don't like brian. HE IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

both points are good, but you really can't decide someone's a douchebag because of what a SciFi show editor decides to show on TV. i just remember the one episode, where Brian got reamed out for saying a mouse was in a bag, in the van. it's a 1 dollar mouse. buy a that petty little crap shouldn't even get TV time, but it does. still a great sho to watch. i don't know Brian, so i can't guess what he's like face to face, which is really all you can go by. it's like calling the camera man a liar, because he/she never turns around, when everyone else jumps and says 'WHAT WAS THAT?'

Anonymous said...

I like Brian....yeah, he gets blamed for everything that goes wrong, and is a bit corky..but you gotta love him! I just wished he would make up his mind weather he wants to be a member of T.A.P.S or he doesn't. I love his one liners, the most famous one being "Dude Run!" and I always get get a kick out of him saying "Dude, what the hell was that" you can almost always count on him saying that in an investigation. I LOVE THEM ALL...I am not much one for famous people...but I want to take a road trip to Rhode Island so BIG GHOST HUNTERS FAN (If you can't tell)

Anonymous said...

Let's see, we have Steve (I cry like a girl if ya try to get me to fly on an airplane) Gonzales. Oh and I'm afraid of heights and spiders too...but BRIAN'S a tool and a douchebag??? It cracks me up to watch Jason and Grant fawn over Steve because he ALMOST got on a plane for the UK investigation (yeah give him a cookie). In the end though, his phobia left them without their tech guy and a man down on the UK trip. Oh and Steve loses equipment too (but again he get's an "Atta boy" from Jason and Grant) cause he was honest about it. I think the final straw for me was when Jason reamed out Brian at that local investigation (even though it was Steve that was whining about having to come back for the equipement the next morning). What does Standup guy Steve do while Brian get's reamed over a conversation HE started? Like the apple polisher he is, he stands there smirking and let's Brian take all the greif.

I realise Brian has his faults, yeah he screws up sometimes but he also saves their keisters sometimes as well (like the lighthouse investigation) where Steve couldn't go up because of his fear of heights. Who slogged up and down those stairs upteen times to fix the equipement problem? Brian did. Yeah he's a goofball but I LIKE that about him, he keeps things lively and personally, I find the show dull without him. I love to see what they find but most of the investigators are about as interesting as watching grass grow.

So for me, if we're rating folks on the Tool O'Meter Steve takes the SnapOn hands down.

Anonymous said...

Brian was entertaining.The show is still pretty good without him. Jason never really liked him and it showed...

Anonymous said...

Gotta' say that Brian did get shit on. He did seem like a goober, but so am I so I identified.

I definately think that he got treated differently (esp by Jason) than Steve.

Brian can't figure out a wiring issue in 10min and he gets bitched at. Steve forgets equipment, but because he tells Jason about it he gets some lame ass 'well at least you didn't hide it' BS line.

The whole halloween3 special and the "revelations" stuff was confusing with so many "best parts" having Brian it in, yet they avoided even mentioning him in the questioning.

I just think there is something in the history between Jason and Brian that was the root source of Jason's hatred of Brian. Nothing he did on camera warrented the different 'gilligan' treatment he recieved IMO.

I miss him, even if just for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

You, ManoDogs, cannot accept any critiquing, but you sure can dish it out. I'd stopped reading your replies after the umpteenth time you called a "brian fan" a "douchebag" & "AOLamer" because your freshman eloquence is just blindingly pompous.
In your original post you proclaim that Brian should be sent back to Jersey, well oh mighty wise ass, he's from Woosocket, RI, Dave Tango is from Jersey, you, uh, douchebag.
I like watching GH's but realize that a lot of politicking takes place behind the scenes with Jay being the alpha male that all must obey. I think his celebrity has gone to his big, fat head & if any member disagrees with him, they are cast out of the clique. While Brian was often dramatic, he lended some comedy to the show that is now sorely lacking. The show seems to have been edited to make him come across as a bumbling fool as they were phasing him out. Watch the shows again to see it for yourself.
As for your pathetic porn analogy, I can proudly say that I do not own any porn, nor need it, as I get laid, often. Why bother watching any of that crap, unless you are some sad, pud pulling loser?
Before you proclaim me to be Brian, I am a female & think you are pathetic & lonely. I bet you troll AOL profiles looking for teens who have the words "ghost, paranormal & Ghost Hunters" in their profiles in order to make friends with them from one name & then to make fun of them from another. In short, you're a loser, or for your better understanding, a douchebaggy loser. Go pop in a porno & start yanking while thinking that Jay & Grant would take you under their wing as a sort of little brother or GH mascot. I bet Jay's dick like head gets you hot.
Steve "Sassy Lashes" Gonsalves rules & you are a whiny loser. I know you won't post this, but I look forward to your pathetic e-mail reply to come forth for my deleting delight. You big fucking baby.

Kristin said...

I hate that the most ignorant of all the replies to this quotes Stephen King. Hate that.

I don't really like Brian on the show. I can't comment on him in person, I've never met him and while I acknowledge that he has had some good moments every once in a while I don't think he's ranked even in the top ten investigators. I hate that the staff is breaking apart and I can't believe that after they let him back in he's pull something like that but I guess it's gotta be done. I have no comment on Andy Andrews but Donna has a real way with potential clients so I'm sorry to see her go.

On a side note I doubt I'd go drinking with Brian if I had the offer. I find Steve not only more honest and reliable but also more credible. As to Jason's acerbic nature take for an example when he came in and "chewed out" Steve in the garage of the Fire Department. Steve had a smile on his face the whole time because he knew Jason was joking. Sometimes a boss has to be acerbic and it doesn't make them abusive. If I had spent that much money on that equipment it would be a big concern of mine too and I would hold the person in charge of it to a high level of responsibility.

PS- As for Steve's phobias, he's never run out of an investigation. He jumps from spiders but I watched him handle the Sanatorium roof just fine and the flying thing is something he's had treatment for and still can't overcome. That doesn't make him a wuss it makes him human. Brian seems to be scared of Ghosts and if I remember correctly the show is not called "Height Hunters" or "Spider Hunters" or even "Ride Planes Till You Die" it's "Ghost Hunters", which really only makes on fear a relevant problem.

Manodogs said...

I knew you were a female; only a female attempts to be intellectual while belittling a man with base insults of a sexual nature. I did publish your pithy, prosaic, little post, girly, but I'll let you in on something: I started not to only because you signed it with your full e-mail address and I don't want you getting the living shit spammed out of your mailbox and blaming me and the other readers here for doing it in a feeble attempt to lend credence to your baseless claims of douchebaggery.

I also know you are posting from AOL and that you are young, because only a young girl would say things like, "I don't have any porn because I get laid a lot." Or maybe a confused young boy. Or everyone on AOL. Just so you know, AOL and I parted ways back around 1996 and have not been back in touch since; if I wanted to troll profiles, there's always MySpace... but I digress. Non-AOL people already know better than to act like they're in a chatroom and then sign their vitriol with their ISP's account, which made me think that might not be your e-mail address, which also made me start not to publish it. And the reason I am so down on AOL is because people like you love to attack people in this manner in e-mail and chatrooms, then TOS them when they respond in-kind.

I... it - everyone knows this. Everyone who has been online long enough to know better than sign such a vindictive, little missive with their full e-mail address.

Anyway, Brian Harnois does not need anyone to stand-up for him; he's a grown man and he does fine all on his own. I just don't think he was serious about working with TAPS and also think he pulled some pretty under-handed stunts along the lines of what you are claiming I do (and I don't - as others can see, people are plenty capable of making bungholes of themselves without my needing to set them up for a fall), in that he attempted to set-up Steve and get Steve to take the blame for what would have been minor mistakes, but for Brian's attempts to lay blame and lie his way out of taking responsibility for them. Like one guy above said, "It's a $1 mouse - buy a spare!" I think the whole team, and most of the viewers, can agree that, by that time, it was the point of the matter, not the matter itself, but Brian made such a big highschool-type, "I'm not the prettiest girl at the prom" matter of the whole thing that it just got sickening.

And then, even after he was let back in - even after Jason and Grant basically ate crow on national TV and let Brian back in after they said they "never" would - he turned around and did the very same shit that had pissed everyone off! I mean, dang! I'm all for giving someone a second chance - life is just too short unless the person is just plain, old-fashioned mean or whatever - but how many chances should people get?

Look: the people I hung out with last night for Thanksgiving stole 2 packs of cigarettes and like an entire 12-pack of drinks from me last night while we went to pick up her sister at a friend's house to come over for Thanksgiving! Now, I don't necessarily think Brian's that low-down and dirty (no one else was even in the house last night but those two and they refused to look me in the eye when we got back - just looked down at their feet and said things like, "I don't know nothin' about it"), but the entire reason I will no longer hang-out with those folks has more to do with how they handled the whole thing than it does the actual thing they did. I know you don't understand that, but maybe when you get a little more world-experience behind you, you will... I hope.

That these people stole my stuff in the 5 minutes it took us to go do them a favor is bad enough, but had we been gone for an hour or so and they had smoked all my cigarettes or drank all my drinks, I would have just been upset; that they wouldn't even look me in the eye and had the nerve to lie to me the way they did is what really pushed me over the top! And that's basically how Brian acted on more than 4 or 5 different occasions, and that's why I said I don't need to know the guy - I know plenty just like him, and I don't care for people like that.

I mean shit, even when he got The Boot, Jason and Grant went and met him with the camera crew and tried to make it like it was basically a mutual thing, and then everyone kind of agreed to blame his relationship and he came back and pulled the same shit again!

That's inexcusable to me, and thus and therefore makes him a - wait for it...



So, like, are you hot?

Anonymous said...

I agree, I thought that Brian was abused by Jay on the the show, after he had stated that he was a good friend. I always hated that he was reprimanded on camera like a child in front of the viewers. This is so not necessary.

Anonymous said...

The whole Brian sucks debate is a moot point, given that he and Donna and Andy are getting their own show slated to air this January on SciFi. It's called Ghost Hunters International and they'll be investigating overseas. So apparently Brian didn't have a problem deciding whether he wanted to be a Ghost hunter or not, more like he had issues about WHO he'd be Ghost Hunting with.

Oh and did any of you notice this (I think this is when whatever went down with Brian happened). Remember when jason's kid broke his arm and at the end of the episode everyone's over at Jason's house? Take a look at Brian's face as he's leaving. I noticed it when the episode aired and before I knew he was off the show.

Manodogs said...

So? You want me to ask him for a little Q&A?

I figure I have his MySpace.

I really had no idea this post would become so "seminal" in either of our careers, but I could think of 17 questions to put forth to Mr. Harnois, were he so willing.

Hell, I'd love to.

I don't know how "Dude, run!" got to be the topic, but... I'll honestly say it's got to come up by Q#13 or so.

Anonymous said...

Harnois is by far the funniest person on the entire show! You got Steve who is afraid of everything from spiders to flying on a plane, to the biggest pansy(with the coolest name) on earth, Dave Tango. Brian does his best, but he's only human. While Steve is too busy chasing Kris' booty all over the place, Harnois is busting his ass. And take it from someone who knows, the more you get yelled at, the worse you'll end up doing in the long run. Positive reinforcement goes a long way with most people, whereas negativity will cause them to fail. Let up on the guy, or if you think you could do better, by all means go ahead!

Manodogs said...

The new URL for The OddBlog is

Anonymous said...

Jason and steve are bullies and take themselves way too seriously. Grant is stuck in the middle when he should stick up for Brian. Life is all about Karma and Grant recognizes this. Deep down Brian is a good guy. Jason and Steve have humiliated Brian when he didn't even deserve it and made fun of him to make themselves feel better. That is disgusting behavior, period. I also think that Jason has recognized how he has treated Brian. And, Steve is just a mean kid grown up ... much like Jason was as a kid, I have no doubt.

Unknown said...

How can everyone be So Damn Mean these days?! Yes,Brian H. is somewhat dramatic. Yes He gets Excited when He hears, feels, senses, something Paranormal. He is NOT a Freakin' 'Douchbag'! What a Disgusting Word to describe an 'HUMAN BEING'. He was There from the BLOODY BEGINNING, He SHOULD Be There NOW. I don't know what This 'So Called Lie' is that He 'Supposidly' Said to Make the Taps Team Throw Him off the Bloody Roof. Hell Every SOUL LIES on this Earth!! Look at our Lovely President. [I sure as Hell didn't vote for Him!] And People are STILL Standing By Him?? Brian is an Confused soul. I believe He LOOKS UP to Much to Jason and Grant. Like Big Brothers or an Father Figure. HE LIES out of Embarrassement, out of Getting Grounded into the Ground like an Bloody Bug!! He for some oddity 'Respects' Jason and Grant. He Needs an Male Figure in his life, He probably had an Hell of an Child Hood. We ALL and YOU Should NOT Make it Worse for Him. He's an HUMAN BEING for Crying out Loud!
And He is Correct, Whenever Steve or one of the others Do ANYTHING Wrong, or Forgets anything, it's a smile and a pat on the back. In the 1st Plc. There should've Been 2 People to Help Handle ALL that DAMN GEAR They Have. It is EASY to forget something when you have such PRESSURE on you from Two MEN, MEN! That You want to Make Right With, That you Respect. Plus stupid things like 'CHAIRS' For Jason to sit his Big Butt in so He can FISH off an Light House?! Give me a Break! Now WHOSE TAKING THIS JOB SERIIOUSLY?? The Men who CALLED 'TAPS' Out to INVESTIGATE, NOT FISH; Meant For the Whole TEAM to Investigate. And Here we have the 'BLOW HARD' FISHING! Yeah, That's just really Professional. I was somewhat Embarrassed for the whole team. I love the Show. Have always. But Things that have happened with Brian H. And then 'SOMEONE' Gossiping about it all, so that EVERYONE and Their DOG knows what has Brian Done Now? Ordeal. It was NO BODYS BLOODY BUSINESS!! It SHOULD HAVE Remained Between Brian, Jason, and Grant. That is IT.
Bring Brian Back. He is an Good Investigator.
Kelly Sizemore.
"How High Can One Fly With Broken Wings? Lifes A Journey NOT an Destination".

Anonymous said...

I have been following Ghosthunters for several seasons now, and have read most of the comments above, and I do have to agree that Harnois is a total complete Duchebag. Complete Jackass 100%.

Manodogs said...

Wow, Kelly Sizemore! I started to suggest Spellcheck but after about the Second Paragraph, I have A Feeling your Spellcheck Broke. I'd say I Tend to Disagree WITH YOU, But I am an Honestly telling It Blogger and The Truth is I quit reading after about the second paragraph.

Thanks for Commenting, though!

As for all this "bully" nonsense, where does that even come from? I have really never sensed that at all. Jason may be a bit pushy and that comes off as abrasive sometimes (I have noticed as much myself), but I don't see him harassing or tormenting people.

Face it: Brian Harnois is a slacker who was wasting everyone's time and that's why Jason, Steve, and everyone else got frustrated with him!

Further, some people - mainly people like Harnois - tend to bring out the worst in others. He's one of those cats who gives excuse after excuse after excuse, then starts lying; when finally cornered to the point that he has to face up to something, he was "just kidding" and you "took it the wrong way" and he meant this and meant that, you "just misunderstood him" - blahblahblah.

Whatever it is, he never once just owns up to it and that's frustrating as hell - not just because of what it is, but because you and he both KNOW that he's bullshitting! It's belittling to everyone involved.

Brian Harnois screwed the pooch all the way around and he alone is to blame for that. My guess is he did the same thing on the spin-off, but they edited it out to spare hims feewings.

I don't know any of these guys personally and I don't need to. Grant, Jason, Steve, and the rest of them have their fun and enjoy the perks of the work, but when it all comes down, they compose themselves professionally. Brian's just a dink who needs to grow the hell up.

I'm sure having a child will help him do that in some regard, but I won't be the least bit surprised to hear he and his baby mama have split-up a year or so from now.

Defend Him all You want, he's Still a Douchebag.

Anonymous said...

this show is very repetitive, they show jason and grant driving and jason will say something and then grant will repeat what jason said only changing a few words

reminds me of the skit on saturday night live back in the 90's 'Tiny Elvis' where a little elvis sits on the dashboard of a car while his entourage clamors around and agrees with everything he says

something like..

Jason: I think Brians a douche

Grant: his doucheness does pervade tiny king

Jason: but then again he is my best friend even though I constantly call him a liar and other names right to his face

Grant: I totally agree tiny king, he is our best friend despite all the doucheness

etc etc

and notice Brian was gone for one show and they were all so relieved he was gone - then they had to turn on someone else, so steve and that other guy became the targets

this show is what 'The Office' would be if it was about ghosthunters, they even sit and chat almost the same way with the same kind of socially retarded hilarity

and as for ghosthunting, those guys wouldn't find an asian in tokyo, I was watching one show and just as things were getting interesting they leave - I didn't know that ghosts punched a time clock

stick to plumbing

Anonymous said...

OMG Brian is such a FREAK. He absolutely disgusts me and I won't watch GH International just because of him. The original GH is great but anybody could tell that have the time he was pretending to hear and see stuff for just attention. He's such a gaywad and DRAMA QUEEN. Yeah Brian you dink, you pinhead. YOU SUCK.

Anonymous said...

Brian was a stooge - won't miss him

Anonymous said...

Brian is an astute observer and investigator of paranormal activity. He is excellent at the analyses of the nights' events. He can also detect a ghost or shadow. IMO he was a great asset to Ghost Hunters and will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Brian was great and he will be missed.

Anonymous said...

All you people that are sticking up for Brian must be watching a completely different show than me. He's a ******* idiot. Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Brian saw how the show was going. Too much money and wanting to make people keep watching the show. They will resort to trickery. My Girlfriend had them at her house and she said it was a a joke. They faked the EVP's and everything.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jessica, Brian is a good kid and he means well. At the same time, Steve can be an ass! He does stupid things. On one show they were reviewing the evidence and one of the girls was there and Steve kept looking at her and when she would look he would turn his head back real quick, and it kept on about 4 times, then he told her to keep her eyes on the evidence. He is a jerk! Brian is a good investigator, and Steve was always picking on him. If anyone needs to go, it's Steve! Miss you Brian!

Anonymous said...

HOW you idiots can even like Brian is beyond me!

he is a screw up! POlain and simple and he was NOT "picked on" as some of you idiots cannot see.

He was corrected by Jason because of his stupid attitude and screw ups!

If you cannot understand that when you are responsible for technical details and you SCREW UP, then you have consequences to go along with it!

there were episodes where the team would suffer because of HIS ATTITUDE!

He forgot equipment, smartmouthed Jason and Grant and not to mention he lied so much you could not trust anything he said!

And some of you douchebags want to DEFEND HIM! GET A LIFE! He was a loser, just like you are if you think that kind of attitude is acceptable and should be tolerated on ANY team!

I could care less if he is on Ghost hunters or GHI, because BOTH shows are doing far better WITHIOUT HIM. Good riddance!

Roger Wasson said...

KEEP Brian.He is unique. One of a kind. I like him. Mary.

lipis said...

Brian was THE entertainment on the show. The show is now very plain and boring. Unlike the others who want to debunk everything, Brian was trying to FIND something.He was entertaining because he was real and talked about exactly what he was thinking and the others are all show, trying to be professional and unreal. Last time i checked , reality meant 'real". Unlike the over produced versions of today and during last years live show on halloween, they shot steve asking the camera man when he should start walking and they quickly changed shots. oops! it went out on live tv. How come the camera man is always in the hole, closet, attic before the "investigator' is in there?

Bon Qui Qui!!! said...

steve is much better, and brian is much uglier. hes very ugly! but when u think about it they r all pretty ugly. but hes the ugliest of the ugly bunch!!!
-Bon Qui Qui

Anonymous said...

I think all of you that are talking shit about Brian and how much of a Douchebag he is all of you need to get a fucking life or something and grow the fuck up for god sakes. None of you even know Brian and yet you all think you do. Maybe there are things he lied about or stuff he had forgot but he's not the only one who had forgot something like when him and Steve was doing the analysis they was both messing around and not doing what they was there to do. When they was done with it they told Jason and Grant they didn't find anything they made it out to be that Brian was the only one who wasn't doing his job and they had to go back and redo everything and Jason was pissed off because he and Grant had to go back and do the analysis themselves. So don't be saying that Brian is a Douchebag and all that stupid shit.

possum said...

brian was a laugh. and that visor thing now come on backward and upside down? what a douche!if he really wants to benefit the comunity he should serve as a speed bump in a walmart parking lot.I personally dont thing retards like brian be recognised just ignore and he will go away

Anonymous said...

This is a scripted "reality show"? I happen to live near Ft. Delaware, and know some of the people who experienced weird things there. I also know that based on the show, the State of Delaware purchased about $50,000 worth of equipment (meters, UV stuff, temperature guages etc) that they rent out twice a night over 3 weekends in October (right now) and over Halloween. They've already made back the original investment, I'm told. So for a scripted "reality show", they managed to get some believers.

Anonymous said...

I use to like Steve but have found him to be "into" himself too much. I always liked Brian. Why would anyone care who's unglier than who?I personally found Brian to be really into what he was doing. He got very excited when he thought he "saw" something. And I never saw him run away from something.So what that he had personal problems? Who doesn't? So what that he "lied" about something once in awhile? So have I! That doesn't make anyone a douchebag!! Let he who has never lied or had a personal problem cast the first stone! If you do, you ARE a lier!
I want Brian back! He is very missed! However, I wish him and Donna lots of luck and success with his blogradio.

Anonymous said...

Brian is a weird dude. You don't have to know him to tell that he's a little off. All personal attacks aside, I think the show is better without him. Also, Steve is quite lame with all the phobias but he's somehow bearable to watch. Brian isn't. The end. My last point is this. Kris Williams. YES!

Anonymous said...

God dam u pplare harsh talkn shit bout a guy u watch on tv no better then my lil bro just sad but I guess ur bringing more fam to the guy u dont like him but u still post bout him so who's the loser?? Think bout it then get a life

Josh said...

I have watched the show from the very beginning and I have to say I agree and disagree.

Brian has always come off as a liar, and dodger when someone asks him a question. If he does something wrong, and is called out on it he lies or tries to make an excuse as to why it's not his fault. To me, if you want to be taken seriously own up to your mistakes.

But Brian has also been given a lot of flack for the things he has done. He is very passionate about TAPS and what they stand for. He loves the team, and he loves what he does with it. And when he makes a mistake, he is completely and utterly embarrassed by Jason. Jason has said before, in the episode with the Eastern State Penitentiary investigation that Grant is basically a push over and if Grant doesn't discipline then he will, and he won't like how Jason does it. Which we have seen with brian on more than one occasion.

So to me, you can't blame one source without the other. I agree with a previous comment that the worse you are treated, the worse your performance is. No matter how much you love something, you will eventually let your performance slip the worse you are treated. I loved working for a local Tourist Railroad with the history in it, but i hated the treatment I got and eventually it effected my job performance to the point where it was either I quit, or i was going to get fired. So I chose to quit.

I love Ghost Hunters, and I would love to have a chance to be a part of an investigation someday, but to me you can't blame Brian and call him a douschebag without looking at how Jason acts with his "macho man" boss attitude. He has a bad attitude at most times with the investigators when a mistake happens, and I can see why Brian's job suffered from it. But at the same time, Brian needed to take responsibility.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Unknown said...

As the seasons progress the only reality we get from Ghost Hunters is the fact show was made for entertainment purposes. The first season the debunked about %75 of the cases and in the 2nd season just a little over %50. Now i am not saying TAPS at one point was not reputable Paranormal research company, but pressure from producers to bring life to the show has no doubt influenced their research. They use a lot of fancy equipment but they don't follow proper procedure for collecting hard data. PS i agree Brian is over the top, and very unbelievable, but hey he fits right in for season 3&4

Bill said...

I only watch the show occasionally, but Brian was my favorite ghost hunter for some reason. I can't explain it. Maybe I just feel the need to stick up for the underdog. I only found this site when I googled to find out why he was not on the show any more, then wanted to let you know the some of us must like him.



Anonymous said...

Hay manodogs, your the drama queen, drama queen. DUDE dont RUN your mouth. We love Brian and his personality far outshines anybody else on the show.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're all losers. Manodogs, you're the biggest loser of them all. You're lengthy over articulated rants reek of someone sitting at their desk with a dictionary trying to sound intelligent. Funny thing is, you're commenting on a gay ass ghost hunting show that obviously pits you as a lonely queer yet you still think you're important and that anyone gives a shit about your lame and lengthy posts. Try getting out...get some fresh air... Get a life

Anonymous said...

Bottom line...his misshapen face pisses me off. He simply has a douchey face.

Anonymous said...

Brian is a F'n Dbag! Period! I believe he is posting comments above because I can't see ANY girl thinking HE'S HOT!! You can tell he is a liar by the way he speaks when "seeing/Feeling" things. You don't need to "swear to God" every time you claim to have an experience if your telling the truth!! I wish I could punch him in that messed up mug of his!!

Justin said...

I love how people say "Oh, I disagree with you, so shut up!". Clearly, no one can voice their opinion anymore. He doesn't like Brian, and you do. So fuck off. Plain and simple. I liked the show without Brian, mainly because of his girlfriend, who thinks his job is like that of a firefighter. I mean, it's ghost hunting, searching for evidence, he's not gonna actually HUNT and capture a ghost! Why should she worry about him and call him every five minutes? Personally, I'd just turn my phone off and get my work done.

Anonymous said...

Brian was causing issue with the group and that's why he got kicked out. He lied a lot and was lazy with the equipment. A lot of his experiences were born from his need for on camera time. Some people just need to be the center of attention and all these things are why he lost his government job. Telling people that not defending Brian means they are not real ghost hunters fans is not only false logic but childish bullying. I am a true huge fan of ghost hunters since the first episode. I have every single episode of all the shows and have watched each a few times. I have never really liked Brian. I understand he's human so I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but he just kept screwing up and lying. I miss him now and then but the show is WAY better without him.

P.S. the show is not scripted. People need to stop pretending they understand how tv works.

Anonymous said...

You are all loser's. get a life, it's just a fucking reality show!

ManoDogs, you are a bitch. This is true. You justify yourself in judging people you don't know, and yet, when someone doesn't agree with you, you whine, and make up stories about thanksgiving and shit. Like anyone believes you have friends.

seauke said...

Then you have a pathetic life