Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More on Decatur County, TN Corruption

I told you this was far from over and unfortunately for me (and you), I am having difficulty thinking, working, focusing - the whole nine.

As it turns out, I was absolutely correct when it comes to how probation and so forth is handled. If you recall, they "lost" my file so no one knew when I was supposed to be in court this last time, and I was arrested for failure to appear a few weeks back. I spent the weekend in jail and once in the courtroom, no one could figure out why I had been arrested. At first, they said the time to pay my fine had run out. Then they said my probation had run out. Finally, they "discovered" I had missed a court appointment. At any rate, the judge gave me longer to pay the fine, but it does not matter; my probation runs out at the end of this month and they will violate me if I have not paid the entire fine.

Of course, thanks to their "losing" my documents and me "missing" my court date, the fine has been raised nearly $100 - I think! Of course, they keep telling me I've contacted the wrong office, the other line is busy, someone will call me back, etc. No matter, I do not see how I can pay this fine by the end of this month, even if I take out another cash advance! They have pulled every, low-down, dirty trick in the book - some of which are just this side of legal, while others are blatantly illegal.

And, of course, they continue to harass the living hell out of me on an all but daily basis.

At any rate, I am beside myself. I am frustrated, nervous, scared, angry - and I feel totally impotent. The truth is that I could be picked up for any reason at any time and held for who knows how long without charge, without bond, without cause. I understand this is all completely illegal and sounds literally like something out of a bad novel or Lifetime Network movie, but this is all very, very real.

And not only do I have a long paper trail, a number of records, and witnesses, I have recently discovered that "there is a long history" of abuse by arresting officer and key instigator, Kenny Fox. District Attorney, Adam Jowers, has withheld evidence, manufactured evidence, and now tampered with public documents and it turns out he has a long and well-established history of such abuses, as well as overtly malicious prosecutions.

How and why do these people continue to operate!?

This is why people my age - and Americans in general - distrust and dislike the American legal system. All I can do is ask for any and all help you can give me. Please help make this entire string of illegalities as popular as you can - all the attention I can get for it helps in some small way. If you know of anyone in the media, or legal system, that you think might be able to help, please contact them on my behalf.

And most of all, seek out and illuminate all such injustices everywhere you hear about them. The time of passive resistance is over; an aggressive approach toward prosecutorial misconduct, police harassment, and other indignities and abuses of the legal system has to be taken.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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