Monday, November 01, 2010

Running Behind

Obviously I didn't get the Chill updates up yesterday and I apologize, but there were a ton of mitigating factors, some of which were beyond my control. I also didn't really review 31 horror flicks in October, but I got sick for a week and that really crashed the whole thing, so I tried and feel I succeeded to some extent.

Anyway, we'll be getting back to our regularly-scheduled program, which is unscheduled and almost completely improvised, but like I said before, there will be a lot more reviews and there won't be as many posts.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010


Manodogs said...

I'm also trying some new advertising options and stuff, so there may be some issues here and there while I figure it all out.


Manodogs said...

Completed more tags work tonight. I know they are still a long list of WTF, but I can only afford to spend an hour or so here and there messing with the whole thing.

With patience and perseverance, they will eventually be navigable, though I doubt they'll ever be too useful.

Blogger announced that it is forcing us to upgrade to the incredibly buggy (as of the last time I attempted to use it) new editor, so I'm waiting until then to really start messing with upgrading the design, though I'm already looking at options.