Sunday, October 31, 2010

On Fright Night 2 (1988) - A Review

Fright Night 2
Fright Night 2
Fright Night 2 made a definitive move in the "style vs. substance" direction, which all horror movies were doing at the time of its release (1988), but it did so superlatively; unlike too many others, Fright Night 2 actually succeeds in being stylish without being completely insubstantial.

Granted, the original is far superior, but Fright Night 2 brings the beautiful people and the special effects, and the story isn't a bad backup. In fact, it delves even more deeply into the retelling of the Dracula tale than perhaps the first, which was basically a rehash (though also stylish, effective, and "updated"), but it focuses more on images than anything else.

But, wow! Those images are exceptional. Despite its flaws, there isn't a more recent flick that carries the stylish horror show any further, any better, than Fright Night 2.

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