Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Robert Carlyle to Lead Stargate

The Sci-Fi Channel has found the new leader for its new Stargate Universe series: Trainspotting and 28 Weeks Later star, Robert Carlyle. The series, which is targeting younger audiences than the first two series in the franchise - Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis - is expected to receive a full 20 episode order. Carlyle will take the role of Dr. David Rush.

Stargate Universe, or SGU as it is being hyped, centers on a party of civilians, soldiers, and scientists who discover an abandoned ship (the Destiny) in the far-reaches of outer space and must unlock its mysteries to get home. The ship is an ancient vessel (older than the city of Atlantis), sent to seed the galaxies with stargates. Producers say SGU is a "separate entity" from the other two series, which maintains the Stargate spirit but opens up a whole new universe. SGU takes place in the present time, like the other two series.

The series is expected to debut with a two-hour movie before settling into its one-hour slot - likely on Friday nights.

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