Thursday, April 09, 2015

The B-Raters Are Off This Weekend

The B-Raters vs. Cheerleader Massacre 2
The B-Raters vs. Cheerleader Massacre 2
If you watch The Weirding's weekly The B-Raters vs. show, it will not be seen live this weekend. The B-Raters vs. is a live and unscripted, Internet-only (as of this writing) show on which a small panel picks apart a different B-movie every Saturday night around 10pm Central (CT). You can watch it on The Weirding's YouTube Channel or Google Hangouts.

If you have never watched The B-Raters, we have plenty of tapings of the live broadcasts available on our YouTube Channel right now. To watch, open the B-Raters video in one window and the movie itself in another, then start the movie according to The Infamous Countdown. You can also watch them side-by-side on the website by following the links provided in this handy Table of Contents.

While you are there, be sure to bookmark and follow The B-Raters blog, featuring promotional materials, write-ups on the movies, biographies of luminaries in the field, and much more.

The B-Raters vs. returns on the 18th with Cheerleader Massacre 2. If you haven't tried us, you should - we're actually funny!

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