Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Vote for Me to Blog for a Year!

Yup, I signed-up with Blog for a Year, where they are running a contest to see who can get the most votes and a chance to... well, blog for a year and get paid doing it!

Pretty nifty idea and definitely one that I could use. Anyway, you can vote once per day and you should vote for me. And every other blogger who reads this and signs up should let me know you have done so and I'll vote for you and you can vote for me, but since I might vote for you and then you might not vote for me and I won't know that you haven't, I will probably not vote for you because that would be unfair to me and it's all your fault. So, I just hope you're happy, Mr. Man!

Anyway, I am still hard at work on the technical, behind-the-scenes stuff here, but I am going to throw a few more posts your way because the press releases are still rolling in. So go vote for me and if you sign up for yourself, make sure to leave a comment here and let me know about it so I can vote for you, even though you probably won't vote for me, so I'm not going to vote for you and I hope you learned your lesson!

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Deshi said...

I'm easily confused, you know that! But I am also very fluffy and beautiful, to make up for it.