Monday, January 27, 2020


I'm not in love with this design but I do not hate it.  I have a lot left to do, design-wise, though.  However, I mentioned that this blog has the fewest design options earlier (mostly in the font and color selection departments), so I am going to have to try and add those by hand.

Which means I am likely to break everything.  Which means I first have to back-up everything.  If you've never looked at our links in the sidebar, please do.  While I'm proud to be able to introduce you to so many great comics and pop-culture -related resources, I mention them so you understand why this is so much work:

Each link has to be individually recorded because they do not show up in the template code.  Meaning that I have to record each, individual link on every list in a separate file so I can recompile them should any disappear along the way.  I also (theoretically) have to clear my cache and cookies and sign back in to my account every time I alter something to see if it worked -- a simple process which takes at least two to three minutes every time I do it.

It's repetitive and painstaking and easy to screw-up, so I also have to make a backup of the blog after every change I make, before clearing my cache and cookies, relaunching the browser, and signing back in.  So, a five-minute process each time I do it.  Even my lack of math skills (and previous experience) suggests that this makes what seems like an easy task an all-day chore.

So, fingers crossed, our little pixel party will still be around in one form or another once I get this done and I can get back to regular posting.  If you have problems accessing content between now and then, I apologize.



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