Saturday, October 06, 2007

Absolutely No Sense

Figure this one out:

I went to check the mail and, just on a whim, figured I'd give the car a quick try. Now, there's absolutely no reason for me to have done this: we tore apart the gear column yesterday and played with wires, pushed buttons, pulled rings - the whole nine. But I just figured that it wouldn't hurt to try.

Damned thing started right up!

I didn't have to jiggle the gear shaft, I didn't have to give it a few tries, I didn't even have to give it some gas; I simply turned the key to the ignition and it sprang to life as though nothing had ever happened.

If anyone out there has any idea from 94 Nissans, I would love to hear your suggestions. Now I'm scared to death to go anywhere because who knows how long I might end up stuck there! I'm going to stock the car with books, just in case...

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