Thursday, October 04, 2007

Decatur County, TN - Illegal Games

Well, you're just gonna love this:

So I had to go and get the forms to file an appeal after they railroaded me in Decatur County, TN court the other day. The chick behind the counter started talking about how I had to pay a fee and get a new bond and had to be an attorney, but the Decatur County Clerk said that none of that was true because the law had changed or something. Then they said they did not have a recording or transcript of the entire hearing the other day!!! I swear before God Almighty! And, And, AaAND they don't even have a copy of the evidence they used to convict me!

I have a bad feeling that half of what she said probably is true and they're going to just ignore my motion for appeal and then say I never showed up for probation next Thursday and violate me on it. Not to mention they'll likely "discover" a recording or transcript of the hearing the day I show up in court for my appeal (assuming it goes through) and play everything I said ugly out of context to use against me. And I said some pretty ugly shit there at the end; I was so mad, I could hardly see straight!

So I contacted the Tennessee BAR Association and the ACLU.

I'm hoping against hope that one of them comes through with something. Decatur County, TN is, by far, the dirtiest county I have ever lived in - hell, it's the dirtiest county I've ever even heard of! I am busy blogging every, single, little thing that happens every time it happens because I am sure they are up to no good at all times. It may not help me in court, but at the very least, I may be able to point back to it to prove that these people are as dirty as I say they are. Or maybe my parents will be able to use it as proof for something after they kill me... after all, one of the threats I heard was, "You better watch your mouth before you end up floating in the river."

I haven't heard anything else from anyone yet, but like I said, there was a cop in the parking lot when I got home from court the other day, and that can't be good - nothing to do with these cops is ever good. Then a neighbor came by earlier, crying, saying she mentioned something her sister said about my long hair (a compliment, I'll add), and the people she was around started talking bad about me. She said it hurt her feelings because I'm her friend, but it also bothered her because she knew that if they talked about me that way, they must talk about her badly when she's not around, too.

I assured her they did.

I don't know who these people are (she kept saying she didn't want to tell me because she didn't want to get anything started, but there aren't a lot of people around here and I don't hang out with anyone, so I don't really care), but everyone in Decatur County, TN is a duplicitous, useless, back-stabbing nobody. These people are filled with hate and covetousness and loathing because they'll never leave this shithole and they can't stand anyone who isn't just as miserable and duplicitous as they are.

Decatur County, TN is truly an awful, terrible place for anyone. I don't suggest visiting here - I don't even suggest driving through this dump! I have honestly never met so many backward, ignorant, bigoted people in my entire life. It is truly like something out of a movie or a sit-com; Decatur County, TN makes every bad, clich├ęd thing you've ever heard about the South true - hell, it makes those things sound flattering!

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