Monday, November 05, 2007

Tonight's Heroes - 11-05-2007

Ah, Heroes. I'm over it.

Sure, I'm hard on things I once loved and thought held so much promise - why shouldn't I be? You ever notice how saying mealy-mouthed things like, "It could have been better" and "I'm still hoping it turns itself around" never really changes anything?

So let's see what we didn't learn this week on Heroes:

Peter can travel into the future - or he was taken there - and he can carry others around him (or he can't). Claire's dad is the bad guy - again - or he isn't. Peter's mother is still alive in one future - or she isn't. Sylar was supposed to come back, wasn't he? Oh that's right - he's dead... isn't he? Isn't it terrible how Peter's brother's face was burned - wasn't it? The cop's dad was the best villain they've had yet and he's dead. Isn't he? Hiro's historical hero wasn't really a hero after all, was he? At least he's dead - but then, he can't die, can he?

Come on! Who effing cares anymore?

Heroes is the only show on TV that might get better if the writers' strike continues!

And did you see Peter's "KAETLIN!" scream? It was his best Rocky doing "ADRIAN!" with his crooked mouth and sneer.

So over it.

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Manodogs said...

Oh shit! NO WAY!

In the post above, I started to say, "Barely a month into the second season and they're already doing that run-around, never-give-a-straight-answer-cuz-we-don't-know-where-we're-going routine," but it gets so much better:

The promo for next week's show pulled that same crap from last year:

"You've got questions - and next week, you'll learn the answers..."


"It's all been leading up to this: next week, they all come together..."

Remember that one?

At least they've got the writers' strike on which to blame the next 10 weeks' of going absolutely nowhere...

Over it.