Monday, December 15, 2008

The Night Projectionist from Studio 407

The Night ProjectionistDecember 15, 2008 - Studio 407 is thrilled to announce The Night Projectionist, an all new horror series that will be in stores this February. Studio 407 is known for their critically acclaimed comic series Night and Fog, as well as Hybrid, which has been optioned for a feature film with Myriad Pictures (Jeepers Creepers)

The Night Projectionist: Crosstown Falls. Halloween Eve. It's the last night of the condemned town theater, which is closing with an all night Draculathon. But the small group of moviegoers find themselves trapped inside when the theater is surrounded by a horde of vampires. A deadly siege begins, and the moviegoers soon discover the night projectionist is also a member of the coven. Is he friend or foe? The Night Projectionist is a no-holds-barred, bone-chilling tale of blood and revenge.

Night Projectionist writer, Robert Heske, says "I wanted to write a story that would appeal to hard-core vampire traditionalists while at the same time reinventing the genre by adding my own twist to the vampire myth. I was intrigued by the idea of putting the main action of a vampire story inside a theater because that's where most people were introduced to the vampire myth, inside a movie theater."

Pre-order now! Night Projectionist #1 is scheduled to be in stores on February 25th, 2009.
Full Color 32 pages $3.99 DCD item # DEC084241
Writer: Robert Heske Artist: Giego Yapura

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