Friday, May 29, 2009

D&D, Agenda, Apology, Etc.

Sorry about yesterday. This entire week has been one of those wait-and-see situations, weather-wise; every day this week started out overcast and storms which could be measured in seconds came and went at will. Needless to say, it played hell with my neck, and there were several days where I'd feel well for an hour or two, then awful for the same length, etc. It was physically and emotionally exhausting and I didn't get much done in any one area (though I did get further along with several things).

Night before last, the pain woke me up a few times. I took some medicine, smoked a cigarette, and went back to bed. When I got up yesterday, I went on and took my medicine as normal. I don't know exactly how much I took overnight, nor when, so I'm sure I either took too many too fast or just took them too close together; either way, I got really sick yesterday morning and it took all day to get over it. I bought Rolaids Softchews (I really need sponsorship for things like that; there's a free plug for them), Sprite (again with the name-dropping), crackers, ice water... nothing helped. I was finally able to eat something last night and got to feeling better, but I was so worn-out from being nauseas all day long that I just went to bed.

So I have several things to bring you, but I'm going to spread them out over the weekend. I have also been working on the site the past few days. As I was doing things for the D&D campaign, I was generally making pages, detailing what I was doing, how I did it - whatever. I also got the Chill cityscape started (Vincent) and got back to work on Champions. As soon as I get more of it together, I will go ahead and publish this stuff as-is so you don't have to wait, then eventually go through and tend to all the mechanical details (navigation and proper links, I know the whole site is wonky, but it's really hard for one person to do all of this and still maintain IRL, so I'd rather you be able to access the stuff that's ready (even if it's a pain in the ass to find it) than just keep waiting.

We are gaming this weekend and I've had plenty of time this week to stat-up some of the features and ideas we're working with and catch-up on my reading. One of the main reasons I'm one of those "tons of prep before you play"-type people is because I hate "going back in" to correct things. For instance, these guys traveled through a heavy forest all last game... except that it now seems I read the black and white map incorrectly and those were actually mountains. OTOH, it doesn't change much - they had no terrain-specific encounters - but the players will always remember the forests and then have to mentally "correct" those memories. It's just a real impedance to play, as consistency is the most important element of any RPG campaign. I'm writing about this matter in more detail specifically because of this, in fact (as I said above). So, plenty of stuff on the way throughout the site.

So, without further ado...

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