Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Roll-Out 2009: Chill @ The Weirding

I know, I know - I have an hour to get it done. I've been up since 6:30a and went to bed at 4 this morning, so it's not like I'm not trying, here! I mean, it's... it's me - I'm like frigging Image over here! Unless you're just brand, spanking new, you already knew I'd miss the deadline!

Okay, but I'm not going to miss the whole thing:

For now, check out Vincent.

I know it isn't pretty, but that's the problem: I nitpick the living shit out of everything so much that nothing gets done. I had company last night and my friend goes, "I know I don't know what you're doing and all, but it looks like you've been doing that same thing for like three hours." (He really does talk like that. Mumbles too, but I didn't feel like doing the formatting thing.) So I had. Two hours later, I literally had to close the page and do something else...

I really wanted this to be massive - and perfect. And it was perfectly massive from this end... anyway, that's plenty to get you going until I get the rest of it up. I just threw all the elements on the page for now.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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Manodogs said...

Technically speaking, I got most of the new Chill department up in time, it just isn't pretty. It probably doesn't work too well, either.

I focused on the content and though I worked with the advertising fairly well this go-round, I completely overlooked navigation... Hey, I'm getting better, but it's a process. A slow process.

Obviously, I'm an artist and I focus a lot on graphic design. RPG has always suffered from bad art and Chill is one of the few RPG which did the whole Art thing. Those are some of the most beautiful books in the field! And the beauty is in the formatting and design, as well as the artwork. I wanted to make sure to capture and forward that.

Plus, this is a major update! This stuff won't even be in the search engines for months, there's so much of it (and it's so poorly indexed).

Unfortunately, I have to work an ad copy job to make money, so I dedicated this entire week to this and can only tweak it occasionally for now. This is why a free distribution model, supported by advertising, is key to our plans. I'll release the Design Notes later today or early this week.