Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Weirding TV: Saturday Morning Playlist #6

I won't be able to watch along IRT today, but seeing as how we don't have a chatroom or forum or channel or anything setup right now, I don't guess you'll be able to tell. I will be MST-ing tonight and no, I do not know what they are playing.

I changed the viewing order a bit, like I said I would, so that things flow better. I wish we had more MST3K to offer - it would be a permanent fixture at the 11:00 "toy/puppet" hour - but we're stuck with what Hulu offers right this moment. I'm going to be incorporating more Netflix content soon.

The Weirding TV
Saturday Playlist, Week 6
Popeye - Goonland
Robotech: Macross - Blitzkrieg
Astonishing X-Men - Gifted: Ep. 6
Mighty Mouse - Goons from the Moon
South Park - Chickenlover
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Secret Agent Super Dragon
Dead Like Me - Reaping Havoc

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