Saturday, October 30, 2010

On The Prowler - A Review

The Prowler is yet another obscure slasher classic that even I was only recently made aware of. One of the early slasher flicks, this one features absolutely jaw-dropping special effects by none other than SFX auteur, Tom Savini. And... well, that's about it.

The director pads the film in a half-hearted attempt to create tension, and the ending falls together in an all-too comfortable, "Aha!" moment that causes more eyerolls than gasps, but the handful of kill scenes make The Prowler an absolute must-see for fans of SFX and the slasher genre, in general.

Aside from Savini's masterstroke SFX turn (he considers it his finest work), there isn't much to see here, but every fan of horror needs to see The Prowler at least once.

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