Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Golden Heroes - WWII Champions

I've had this Golden Heroes page on the site for a while now because I posted it to the Champions mailing list wa-ay, WAY back in The Day (like 2001-2002, I think) but I've never linked to it from the site because it's straight from GeoCities - literally just lifted from the old, old site (think even way-er back - like 1998-1999).

The information is from a campaign I created and ran back in the 1990s, either when I was still in highschool or right after I graduated, so I have no idea if I still have any of this material nor where it would be right offhand. I keep everything though, and just came across a Champions folder from back in those days a few weeks back. It was mostly character sheets and the like, but who knows what all is in there?

Anyway, it would be too much trouble to design the whole thing and I honestly don't know if I still have the original source material, but I thought I would share it with you. Note that there is no way back to the site or blog from the page, so it opens in a new window.

Let me know if you dig it and I'll look for the other stuff. If it gets enough hits and a decent response, I don't mind putting it together correctly one of these days. It wouldn't be any time real, real soon though. Enjoy!

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