Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - A Review

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a brilliant homage to both the quirky character movies that were so popular in the '90s and horror flicks in general.  It is hard to review the movie without giving away anything interesting, because its own quirkiness is part of the surprise and fun of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

The most impressive aspect has to be the acting, but the film features a strong story, good direction, and plenty of great visuals.  The director manages color schemes and blocking that really brings out the material.  The CGI looks cheap, but the overall effect is achieved because of the audience's willingness to overlook such small missteps.  Best of all, some of the situations and dialogue will literally have you laughing aloud, even if you watch it alone.

It is no fairer to label Tucker & Dale vs. Evil a black comedy than it is to label it a horror movie; it is what it is.

Whatever it is, I highly recommend it!

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