Monday, February 17, 2020

Another Couple of Weeks

I tried to avoid one of these long posts but the result is numerous, smaller posts, so here it is:

The website is currently undergoing some major maintenance on the service-side end -- that is, at the DNS, hosting, IP, et. al. level (not on my end or yours).  There is nothing I can do to fix any of the problems I have until that work is done.

The ETA for that is next Monday (February 24th, 2020) but -- as with all such things -- that's merely an estimate.  The site could be inaccessible for longer and other issues are likely to arise down the road.

God willing, we should be able to navigate these waters with few issues but we're already plagued with issues that have nothing to do with any of that.  Trying to "fix" these issues before that supply-side work is complete is pointless, so I'll be playing The Sims (and working) until then.

I'll be posting here and there but, until all of this server-side work is completed, I can't post images or videos (and I still don't know why) and I can't get back to troubleshooting that issue until this other work is done.

You may have problems accessing the site and content over the next few weeks.  Thanks!

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