Monday, April 27, 2020

Lockdown, Pt. 3 - Podcasts

Day 2530972486986.  Last night, I heard them scratching at my door.  This morning, I found the scratch marks ON THE INSIDE!!!!

What's happening, you guises?  I'm mainlining Lysol over the stove while my loaf roasts, but I'm chain-smoking, too -- just to be safe!  I'm doing shots called "Bleachers."  They burn like hell going down but my teeth have never been whiter.  The only drawback is that your breath smells like a gas station bathroom.

Getting ready to take a cruise to Italy!  First-timer, here.  I have to get a ride-share to the airport, but I'm a little worried because you can't smoke on the plane and it's a long way to Florida.  Hoping to catch a few rays with the beach kids before we embark, so I need a haircut and uncomfortably oily massage to look my best.  I'm no spring chicken.

Last week, I cracked a joke about drinking hand sanitizer, then saw "Dr. John" on NBC the other day talking about some first-grader who did just that!  I really shouldn't have to say this but I mean it sincerely:

Thanks for reading, kid! *


Though it may seem like I am once again at famed author, Warren Ellis', behest (he recently invited readers to tip him off to podcasts we enjoy), I have actually been working on this post for a couple of weeks because I use several apps for my podcasts (and radio streams) and I needed to organize and synchronize them.


I used to have a list of podcasts as long as my arm but I got tired of listening to a bunch of jibber-jabber.  The coronavirus has me back to it, somewhat.  It's a lot easier to multitask with the radio than it is with the TV because I'm not constantly looking at the screen.

I don't have any music podcast suggestions.  I used to have a short list of [streaming] Internet radio stations but most of them are no longer around, and I've lost that list anyway (it was for WinAmp and was available on the site for years).  RIP, KCUF -- you are missed.

I used WinAmp for 15+ years and loved it, then AOL bought it and killed it... like AOL does with everything it touches -- STAY IN THE '90s, AOLiTunes is always up to something in the background which slows my connection to a crawl, and its radio stations are severely limited and lacking, so I'm looking at alternatives.  I don't have $120 a year to pay for radio.

I have a catch-all Podcasts RSS feed folder to keep up with new episodes and a few Roku apps for listening to them, which is very unwieldy and why I am coordinating my lists.  Were it not for all the security issues, I'd reinstall WinAmp...  If anyone has suggestions for a decent, all-in-one radio/podcast/media app (or full-scale program, actually), please let me know!

A lot of these are from RT and Radio Sputnik, which comrades can find on Pluto, Portable TV, and whatever radio thingy you use (Tune-In, et. al.).  I didn't find it on iTunes, though subscribers might.
  • The Mother of All Talk Shows -- Politics of the Brits.  George Galloway is awesome.  It's funny that we're called "Corbynistas" in the UK and "Bernie Bros" here; it just proves that it's all bullshit.  Radio Sputnik, Sunday afternoons (in the US).
  • Hollywood Babble-On (see sidebar)
  • Loud & Clear - Highly recommended for daily headlines discussion.
  • The Keiser Report - The only common sense economist I've found.  RT.
  • By Any Means Necessary - It's like Black Twitter for your ears!
  • The Art of Manliness - The newsletter is worth it, too.
  • Common Censored - Lee Camp has other podcasts, too.
  • Horror Queers - Detailed breakdowns and analysis of all kinds of horror films -- not just horror films with gay themes or characters.  There are many good horror movie podcasts but these guys are a lot of fun.
  • Unexplained - On hiatus but past episodes should still be available.
  • My History Can Beat-Up Your Politics - Snakes on a plane.
  • Radio Juxtapoz - Art and the Art world from the editors at Juxtapoz.
  • The Saucer Life - Snakes on a plane, part deux.
  • Movie Sign with the Mads - Trace Beaulieu and TV's Frank Conniff discuss films.
  • Role Playing Public Radio - Snakes on a train.
Here are some podcast suggestions for the Bruces and Sheilers Dan Unda.

I left off links to the radio stations and streaming feeds I like for the reasons above (I haven't figured out how to listen to non-iTunes streams and podcasts in the iTunes app yet), but I generally listen to Radio Sputnik, CBC, ABC (Australier), and some BBC.  Most of what I listen to is news-related but these channels also have content that is not necessarily about current events, or that goes deeper into the stories.

I still catch Joe Rogan, Marc Maron, Dan Carlin, and other staples here and there, but my current mindset is geared toward the immediate situation.  There are more podcasts and streaming TV suggestions in the sidebars on all of the blogs, as well. 

Speaking of, the next Lockdown post is what all TVs I am eyeballing -- shows, channels, and movies (a lot of docs), et. al.  Until then!
* Seriously, be safe!  Millions of people around the world burn themselves baking bread every day -- don't be a statistic!

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