Thursday, December 13, 2007

Out the Door

Okay, guys... I think I am getting the hang of Vista now. I'm not promising anything, as there are still a lot of confusing areas - for instance, no topbar menu on windows. I don't get that at all. You know how, when you open a folder on your computer in earlier Windows versions, you have the menu across the topbar? With File, Edit, View, etc.? There isn't one in Vista and it's driving me nuts! Further, the right-click context menu only works sometimes and I haven't figured out which times those are, so I'm constantly right-clicking and searching for the topbar menu...

What was the other thing? Oh!

The other thing is that it's user-friendly to a fault: you have to click-through like 4007867587 menus to do anything! And they've apparently disabled Hotkeys (macros) or I just haven't found them yet, so it literally takes me 5-6 clicks to dial-in to my ISP! Seriously: I have to click the little network icon, then choose "Connect to a Network," then choose my ISP connection from the menu, then click to connect to it, then it brings up the connection box, and I have to click on "Dial" from there!

I am still figuring out what of my peripherals will work with it, too. My camera will not, but I'm pretty sure my printer will. I haven't even tried the scanner yet because it wasn't working well on either of the other two boxes, so I think it's shot, but I have two others I can try, they're just all really old, so I don't have much hope for them, either.

All in all, I'll say Vista Premium is definitely worth checking out, I just wish it weren't so dumbed-down because I'm having a hell of a time trying to configure it; I've always found things that are dumbed-down to make them "easier" for the "average person" twice as difficult to manage - it's kind of like political correctness.

Anyway, sorry I missed the Marvel releases yesterday. I'll get those out to you now, just in case you missed any, then I'll get the other PRs out the door, and then there's some celebri-news.

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