Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Windows 98 is SO 10 Years Ago

Well, I did it: I finally moved into the Now and got a new computer. Yes, it has Vista - Vista Premium, actually, Yeah, I know, "swanky." Technically, I got a hell of a lot more computer than I guess I really need, but for the price, I had to; for less than $100 more than what I was going to pay, I got twice the hard drive (320 GB!), a dual-processor, and this Premium bit... so, I mean, I have 13 months at no-interest and I figured, why not?

It makes all the difference in the world! Granted, my dial-up connection is still slow as all get-out, but I'm finally able to type into the Blogger editor without waiting 5 minutes for it to catch-up.

Of course, I've fallen slightly behind because I had to spend a few hours setting it up, and then, whenever I went to a site, it would come up and tell me to download this plug-in or that web component, etc. Anyway, I am currently downloading mail after getting that set-up, but I still have several more accounts to go, and it is going to take a few hours to download all the mail on the servers.

This is not my first experience with Vista - I actually got to use it when it first hit the markets and it was a total effing mess! I ended up cursing at a MS tech-support guy, but he needed it. This is my first experience with Vista Premium, and it is far and away better than the pedestrian, street-level version they peddle to the masses... heh. Seriously, it is really nice. Basically everything is integrated and I have never used a more navigable OS; everything is contextual, in that whenever it is mentioned, it is hot-linked right to it. For instance, if it says, "Dahdahdah, Windows Mail," you can click it and go right to Windows Mail.

But, having said that, I am still finding a lot of features. And I still have the same gripe I've had with all the other upgrades since 3.11: MS has removed most of the configuration, making it all "user-friendly." And Microsoft's version of "user-friendly" basically means they've put child-protection locks on everything so neophytes can't hose their systems. Unfortunately, that means advanced users have to figure out how to hack into them to do simple things, like change the desktop font. But, seeing as how all the menus and everything else have changed, I may just not have found what I'm looking for yet.

I also hate that they've removed Hot Keys - or, again, I just haven't figured out how to implement them in this version yet. Hot Keys are fantastic and I've used them since 3.1, so it's going to be a really hard habit to break. I keep wanting to hit F1 to get online and CTRL-ALT-R to bring up RoughDraft. Speaking of which, I haven't even begun loading my software on here yet, but with 320 Gigs, I don't think that will be a problem.

In fact, I can finally load The Sims and leave it on there, even if I don't play it for another 3 years - not to mention finally being able to keep all my music on the computer without having to pick and choose which playlists to keep so I can conserve space! Oh, joyous day!

As for the site and everything else, I am going to have to slow down for the next few days until I get everything configured and also get used to it. Then I have to figure out how to get everything from the 98 box to this one. I am going to try just networking them straight-across, but I am also going to go ahead and set-up the 98 box in the bedroom so that, if that doesn't work, I can e-mail it all or burn it to CD - whatever, something. I'm just going to make sure I have everything running right on here before I start adding a bunch of old stuff from previous OS that might feasibly crash something and so forth.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, bitches!

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