Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wobbling Into the Future

Yes, if you noticed some issues with your feed and the blog, it's because I screwed-up the dates on a couple of them. Blogger now has future posting, which means you can schedule entries for... future posting, and I have been playing with it here and there. It only works if you know the date, though - which is where I screwed it up.

Anyway, this is great because it means I can schedule a load of posts so I don't miss entire days/weeks anymore. Also good so that you don't get slammed. I've been particularly bad about that recently - I'll feel well enough to work and will churn-out several posts back-to-back, then fall quiet - and I don't dig that. It tends to make a run in the middle of the day and then... nothing. Quite suddenly nothing.

It's not so much about the timing, just form for me. I mean, it just doesn't look right to have nothing until like 1-2:00 PM, then have 10 posts through 4:30 PM, then nothing for the rest of the evening.

Anyway, sorry for the troubles, just letting you know. And knowing is half the battle...

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