Monday, December 01, 2008

A Note on Commenting

The Rundown, like all of The Weirding, is actually a very progressive blog (and site). We often adopt sound Web formats, forms, and conventions long before they are standardized. Though we do not follow trends and are rarely on the "cutting-edge" of basically anything (I'm just too busy and otherwise lazy), we know from computing, and that's why I wanted to make sure you knew that you do not have to have a Blogger/Google account to leave comments here.

Comments are moderated for two purposes: spam and private comments to me. As you are aware, several of our blogs are "official" this and that - The Rundown is an official Star Trek blog, The OddBlog is an official Ghost Adventures blog, The Weirding is an official Chill website, etc. - so sometimes, creators, publishers, producers, publicists, and so on leave me messages directly on the board for various reasons. You don't need to see these; only I do.

The other reason is spam.

Regardless, The Weirding is an Open ID-compliant site - the whole site, all the blogs, everything - and has been for quite some time now. If you do not have an Open ID (get one, but I digress), you can still sign-in with your AOL SN, Wordpress nom de plume, LiveBlog (or whatever) ID - there are several options. Further, you can always post anonymously or by entering whatever name you wish to use, along with (or without) a customized link.

The only reason I reject posts is if they are spam and/or lead to spammy sites; The Weirding does not censor shit. If you wanna be ugly, I may tear your ass apart - the Internet was invented because FidoNet's Flame Board ran out of room, after all! - but I am not going to delete your post. The only other reasons are basic English-related (as in your response makes absolutely no sense, has WAY too many grammer or speling errors, etc.).

So don't feel you have to sign-in with your Google ID or create a Blogger account to comment.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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