Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Reports to Jail

Lindsay Lohan reported to court yesterday, about 10 minutes late, to begin her jail sentence, which officers say will be about 12 days, due to jail overcrowding and expected good behavior. Crowds surrounded Lohan as she walked in and a helicopter followed the car that took her to the jail. She was booked at 10:11am.

Once she is released from jail, Lindsay Lohan has 24 hours to begin rehab. Sources say she is still receiving her prescription medicine, including Adderall and Ambien.

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Ernie said...

12 days in jail?! This is an outrage! Why that's almost as long as Keifer Sutherland was in. How could they treat poor Lindsay so harshly? The good news is I think she will be allowed access to her Twitter account so we can all now exactly what sort of hell she's going though (in 140 characters or less).

ManoDogs said...

One of her dumbass ppl (I don't know who) told the press she was ready for jail because she'd watched Chicago "like 12 times."

ManoDogs said...

A new judge let LiLo leave the courtroom through the backdoor, having spent only 22 days in a UCLA rehab program (in addition to the 13 days she spent in jail). The original ruling sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in both.

While the starlet left jail early due to overcrowding, UCLA rehab doctors and authorities had to testify on her behalf for her to get an early release from that program. Judge Elden Fox obviously agreed that Lohan was ready for release.

A hearing is scheduled for today, though Lindsay is not required to attend. At this time, Lohan is not expected to be present.

ManoDogs said...

The judge ordered Lindsay Lohan to outpatient rehab several times a week. LiLo must undergo psychotherapy and counseling, and submit to random drug and alcohol testing. She must also remain in the L.A. area.

The judge dismissed two drug counts against the actress and said that, if she complies with her counseling and passes the tests, she would be taken off supervised probation.