Monday, February 09, 2015

Poltergeist Reboot

Amidst rumors of a Ghostbusters remake comes news of a Poltergeist reboot produced by Evil Dead's Sam Raimi. The new franchise is set to kickoff this July and promises lots of clowns. An insider revealed that not one but a box of clowns would attack one of the protagonists.

If this is what they have in store, I'll pass. Let's face it, this entire idea screams laziness - "If one clown is scary, then a whole boxful of clowns would be scarier!" - and if that's all the creators are bringing to the table, I'll just have the salad. After all, the only good installment from the original Poltergeist franchise was the first one and it's great. But it owned scary clown scenes with good reason: It delivered a great scary clown scene. That's one of the best known scenes from the entire series, so leave it alone and try to find some originality to hang your own hat on whether it's a reboot or not.

I don't mean to write it off before it arrives but I'm not likely to watch it. Maybe in a few years, once it's streaming and I have nothing better to do but, excepting that, I am not interested in yet another '80s horror franchise reboot. None of the others have been worth the price of admission and a boxful of clowns makes the Poltergeist reboot sound equally pointless.

Poltergeist was directed by relative newcomer, Gil Kenan, and hits theaters this summer.

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