Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The B-Raters' First Annual Drinkfest

The B-Raters
The B-Raters' First Annual Drinkfest
This July 4th (Independence Day in the USA), The B-Raters will perform our first annual Drinkfest. This time, we're only doing two movies - Attack! and Die, Sister, Die! - both of which feature exclamation points in their titles. These movies are sure to suck and we're bound to be drunk as shit while watching them.

The Weirding celebrates few holidays but we do enjoy those we feature. These include July 4th, Christmas, and Halloween. This October, we'll be performing our Second Annual Halloween Movie Marathon and we're likely to take off the end-of-year holidays, so we're going to try and make our July 4th marathon a special occasion we can all enjoy.

While we sometimes drink during the show, the purpose of this particular marathon will be drinking a lot. Although we've never seen either of these flicks, we'll be playing some of our famous drinking games and just having a good, ol' time.

So be sure to join us this July 4th at a special time (TBA) for a live, unscripted, and thoroughly inebriated event!

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