Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bill Maher Needs to STFU

Bill Maher
Bill Maher
I used to like Bill Maher. He's a polarizing and controversial figure, and I realize that he has writers for his show, so not everything he says is necessarily his own opinion. But, since this fraudulent election began, I have come to really dislike Bill Maher.

Over the weekend, he told voters who have complained about "voting for the lesser of two evils" to "grow the fuck up." This, coming from the man who took to Facebook to start a hashtag campaign calling Trump a #whinylittlebitch, and undecided voters "idiots." He also invited partisan hack, Michael Moore, onto the show specifically to discredit Julian Assange and WikiLeaks -- a tactic from the Corporate Media that we've become accustomed to since the DNC leaks.

Well guess what, Billy Boy? We are grown. It's you and your buddies who have treated this Election like a middle-school popularity contest your BFF "deserves" to win.

It was Hillary's idea to have you and her Big Media buddies promote Trump as a "pied-piper candidate" to make her look better by comparison. It was Hillary and her pals that orchestrated the use of spokespeople like Alicia Machado and the Khan family for mudslinging. It was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC that rigged the Primaries to force Hillary Clinton on a public that clearly wanted Bernie Sanders as the Democratic candidate. It was Clinton SuperPACs that hired an army of online trolls to harass, stalk, and silence all opposition to your BFF's crooked campaign -- as well as IRL terrorists to incite violence at other candidates' rallies.

And it's been you and the rest of the media who have worked tirelessly to cover-up all of this, whilst simultaneously painting a deceptively rosy image of a career criminal with Mob ties. You have denied all responsibility, deflected criticism, and blamed bogeymen like "The Russians" for unmasking your misdeeds, while trashing the sources themselves. That's certainly childish, but nowhere near as childish as you all get...

Neither Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, nor any of their supporters have room to throw stones, but that clearly hasn't stopped them. This has nothing to do with whether or not Trump is a viable candidate for President -- most of the RNC refuse to endorse him, and it was Hillary's campaign which promoted him in the first place -- so the only false equivalency here is Bill Maher's.

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