Sunday, April 12, 2020

Lockdown, Pt. 2 - Sh!t to Do, EASTER EDITION

Morbid Angel - Where the Slime Lives

I still can't post pictures but I did start looking into workarounds, and hope to be able to do so soon.  Posting anything has become such a pain in the ass that this will have to suffice for a moment.
I said I would at least keep posting music but, due to the atmosphere and the fact that I post so much death metal, I thought I'd give it a rest for a bit.  I don't want people to think I'm being insensitive or mocking them.  I'm a delicate, little flower; I am sensitive to the needs of others and shit.

I posted this Morbid Angel song because I rediscovered it recently and forgot that I love it.  I hated that album at the time (the whole community did) for many reasons, most of which seem petty now (like the fact that it was a death metal training bra to attract new listeners -- e.g., to get Riki fucking Rachtman to play it), but this was The Good Song on it.  It popped-up as a suggested video a week or so back and I've been rocking it ever since.

I hope we don't get splogged by the engines, but this is the first in a series filled with lists and links regarding what I'm currently doing, listening to, watching, following, and whatever else I think you guise might enjoy.  I call it a "blog."  (I'm hoping it catches-on.)

I'm actually answering Warren Ellis' call to action

Speaking of which (or whom), Ellis has a playlist of tunes he posts semi-regularly called #SPEKTRMODULE.  We here to The Weirding also have a veritable fuck-ton of playlists I put together back in my Facebook DJ-ing days but I have no idea how you get to them.  Just go to the YouTube channel in the sidebar and click on stuff -- that's what I do.

For all my provincialism (I would have sworn it was "provinciality" and now wonder why it's not), I have always enjoyed content from across the world, and foreign news outlets I follow are posting more content aimed at America[ns], as many here are likewise following world events more closely than they have in decades (if ever).  A lot of the fare I'll be sharing is from across the world, so some of it is likely to be new to many readers (most, but not all, of whom tend to come from the US).

There's a lot more bad shit ahead, but there are some upsides to all of this, such as that it's made our world a bit smaller and brought a lot of the problems we all face into focus.  Now is the time to take things upon ourselves and realize the Internet's original purpose: The sharing of information and ideas.  And kick-ass music.

Comic Book Resources has been posting a bunch of D&D content lately, as well as general tabletop RPG articles.  I've been following CBR (again) for the last few months and this is new to me, so I don't know if this is new to them or not.  I've lost a lot of links and feeds over the course of 12+ computers...

Speaking of pen and paper RPG, I may have something in the works.  Given the state of, well, everything, I make no promises, but I have been planning some stuff for a while.  (If that link to the site doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you...)

Most of the content I've been consuming lately is political in nature, and I realize that few people care for such (generally speaking) -- especially right now -- but, in coming weeks, I'll be providing lots of links that may interest you during the long, and somehow exhausting, hours in lockdown. 

Hey, there's another upside: We haven't been endlessly bombarded with Election 2020 bullshit... yet.  Living in the heart of the Bible Belt -- literally the birthplace of both the Kefauver Commission and the Satanic Panic -- and loving death metal, Dungeons & Dragons, and comic books like I do, it's hard to not be concerned with politics.

Speaking of, basically no one is printing and/or distributing comic books at the moment... which is weird.  There can't be that many people left who were around before they started printing comic books.  I'm reading the latest run of Daredevil, which is still new to me.  I still have Trees and several others to get to, but I'm seriously considering a garden patch and some other things.  I didn't even think to bleach all my new comics...

If you'd rather, you can always color a bunch of pictures or get your kids to color them for you.  Or, gather the family 'round the old sexbox and check out cute animals.  Heck, you can even grow some of your own!  You could always break your record and read a fucking book.

Future entries will tell you what I am watching and listening to, as well as where to find it all and why you should.  Until then, enjoy!
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