Monday, August 28, 2006

Update: Dead Mouse, Undead Frappr Chat

As you can see, I'm still making changes and playing with things. I downloaded my template to my computer to play with and keep finding cool things to add to it, but it's starting to get cluttered like the floor of my living room.

If you came here yesterday or early today, you might have seen the Frappr chat applet in the sidebar. While it's cool and I'd like to keep it, it didn't really look right and since the site is not that active due to my not having updated it in so long, it made me feel lonely. Plus, I can't keep a window open all the time, just in case someone wants to chat. If the site were more active, it would be a cool feature, but since it's not, there's no point in it. However, I removed it this morning and have cleared my cache and refreshed my browser and rebooted my PC several times, but when I view the blog, it's still there. It doesn't appear when I preview the blog, so I don't know what's up. If it's there and you can chat, have at it.

I found a dead mouse by the now abandoned laundromat building a little bit ago. I was just walking around, soaking up some sun (it's hot, but it's been windy and pretty nice, really), and almost stepped on it. But it's not the moose what ate my doughnuts; it's tail wasn't long enough, nor was it black. It was a small meese with a white belly and gray tail and it looked like it had taken a pretty bad cat-beating
. It was all nappy-haired, where it had been licked and gnawed on. Makes you feel bad for the poor thing, but... you know. Unlike most reality shows, the ones on National Geographic and Animal Planet aren't staged.

Well, not that much, anyway.

I am still working on the ode to Major Victory I mentioned previously. Thing is, I keep finding new, cool stuff to either add to my blogs or help drive traffic to them or the site, and then I get lost in the morass what is the dreaded Information Superhighway and before I know it, I don't feel like doing shit but letting my eyeballs stop throbbing.

If you look in the sidebar there, you'll see the covers from some of the books in my private collection. These are courtesy of possibly the coolest site I've found in a while: Librarything.Com. It's an online cataloguing site for your books. I got all of the writing books I wanted to put in there entered yesterday, but it couldn't find the RPG boxed-sets by ISBN, and I didn't feel like manually entering them. I didn't try any of the actual books, but I will get them in there in the near-future.

Obviously, I keep finding more and more shit to do, which keeps me from completing the shit I keep saying I'm working on. This Internet is like... it's just endless. And my Geekosity is hard to sate.

But I'm still working and you'll keep seeing changes until I get exactly what I want.


Manodogs said...

Update to the update:

The Frappr chat appears to be gone now, and if you didn't know this had been updated, it's because Blogger went down while I was trying to publish it, so I had to save it as a Draft, then when I went to pub it today, it was already on there... dunno wtf happened.

Anonymous said...

Hey manodogs! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate it :)

Manodogs said...

Sure Toyrant! And thanks for stopping by here. This is actually the site blog for Fear the Outside, which is dedicated mainly to RPGs. You can find the link on any page, in the sidebar or at the bottom. I look forward to more of your blog and hope you come back often!

Shannon said...

good blogging!
where do I see Frappr chat?

Manodogs said...

I finally got it removed, Shannon. Come join The Speakeasy if you want to chat with us geeks, though! We'd love to have you.