Monday, June 18, 2007

My Immediate Attention

I know I've been a little slow this last week, and then I told you I'd received my comics and had a bunch of industry and general comics news for you (and I do), but let me explain what's been going on:

One of our sponsors - a very good one, I might add - has undergone some recent system changes and I have personally been caught in the middle of it. Actually, two systems have undergone radical changes, but only one of them actively owed me a sizable chunk o' money. For the last three weeks, the amount of money they owe me has stayed pretty consistent, and they've sent me paltry, piecemeal payments for the last couple weeks. Right now, the amount owed stands at around $75, up only about $10 from what I was expecting last week, when I received a whole $10.

I haven't been able to pay my utility bill without this money and, even though I have never even been late on my utilities, they gave me a big two-day extension, meaning that even if the sponsor pays me tomorrow, the money will not be in my bank account in time to pay this bill. Of course, I can call them back on the due-date and ask for another day or two, but it's the situation itself which is making me ill and completely unfocused.

Also, I woke up today to images of rushing floodwater in Texas, where a close friend lives from whom I have not heard since Saturday (before the flashfloods, which came early Sunday morning), so I'm really upset about that now, too.

I do have a lot of news to get to, and even some more (soon to be classic) Bad Girlz gossip that promises to be loads of fun, but I honestly just haven't had the heart or presence of mind to get into it yet. I promise we'll get back to the frenetic posting as soon as some IRL situations get sorted, but I thought you should know what's going on so you didn't think I was just lying around, drunk. Or running from car wrecks, drunk.

The truth is that I'm just some poor, broke bitch from, like, Compton or something...

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