Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chelsea Handler Hates Laura Kightlinger

Did you see Chelsea Lately last night? Laura Kightlinger was one of the panelists and it didn't appear that she was very comfortable. She may have been a little effed-up, but she only mumbled a few things and the audience did not get her brand of humor. She made one joke about being a "cougar" and calling to ask her date's parents if they wanted her to bring him home or just drop him off at school and you could have heard a pin drop. And Dr. Drew goes, "Laura, you're starting to scare me," and poor Laura actually had to apologize and say she was just kidding! A comedian having to tell that stick she was kidding!

Has he ever seen her act? Dr. Drew is far more at-home with dick and fart jokes, ala that goon he used to co-host that show on Empty-V with - Jimmy Kimmel's friend, whatever his name is... it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't think of it. Much like his career, actually. Dr. Drew? Eat a bowl of dick up.

Oh! Adam Corolla (sp?).

Laura Kightlinger mumbled her way through the entire thing but every time she did say something, Chelsea gave her that Nancy Grace face - where it looks like she smells a fart - but she does that to people, anyway. That Heather chick talked the most and made the most inane comments, but she's a writer on the show, so Chelsea guffawed like mad every time Heather Who's-It opened her mouth. I mean, it's not that I have anything against her or anything - I don't know her from Eve, don't personally know any of them - but she wasn't, like, insightful or funny.

I've said it before: Chelsea Handler's brand of humor is very obvious, very pedestrian. When she's being herself and quipping back and forth - that snotty, slutty, clueless cheerleader routine she does - she's funny, but her written "jokes" always fall short and those little skits from her old show weren't funny the first time around. I like her on-the-street stuff and the interviews are so-so, but like I said before, the panel is the funniest part and also the shortest.

Drop the format and do an entire show with a panel, Chelsea. You can still do the occasional interview - or better yet, make the interviewee a panelist and do a sort of roundtable interview - and throw in the occasional skit or on-the-street routine and lose the blasè "writer" chick. The way you cackled at her every lame-assed, housewifey "observation" was embarrassing and Laura Kightlinger's funnier than my left nut - which is only slightly amusing because it hangs lower than the right one, so... I really need to find another analogy.

Still, I think both Chelsea Handler and Laura Kightlinger are gorgeous and while Chelsea is only sometimes funny, Laura Kightlinger makes me laugh out loud regularly, so I wish they got along better. Laura could take Chelsea's career to the next level, with guest-spots on her great show and occasional appearances as a panelist on Chelsea's rather staid one. Unless she's selling her A-material to the other talk shows and comedians, that poor Heather girl is fair, at best. But both she and Chelsea have that sort of cliquey, Heathersesque thing going (ironic the chick's name is Heather, huh? No? Whatev), where they are going to laugh at each other regardless and make everyone who doesn't laugh with them feel like outsiders (which is exactly how it played with Kightlinger and I so wish Laura hadn't bought into the whole thing, even though I'm sure she did so just because she was a guest), so I guess her material "wears" better on Chelsea, but if that Heather chick is the head writer, that's why Chelsea Lately isn't that good.

Heed my words, hottie Ms. Handler, before your show is called Late Chelsea.

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