Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A More Aggressive Approach to Decatur County, TN

I am looking for any and everyone teo help me get the word about this travesty, as well as guest-bloggers to fill-in while I am otherwise preoccupied with handling this horrible thing.

This is a very, very real thing; like I said, if it sounds like I am making a mountain out of a molehill, please realize that they are going to violate me for probation at the end of this month if I have not paid the remainder of the $300 I owe them, which may or may not be possible. This also does not preclude them from "misplacing" more documents, such as payments.

These are really, honest-to-God, small-town, hick cowboys who specifically say "Our System" instead of "The System" and can never answer a straight question. Whenever something does not jibe with established precedent, set federal and state laws, and so forth, they claim it is a "DECATUR COUNTY POLICY."

The 911 operator told me "there's nothing [I] could do about because [I'm] not an attorney, you little bastard. So SUBPOENA ME! SUBPOENA ME! Motherfucker." (08-23-2007)

Kenny Fox threatened to kill me and throw me in the river. Upon arrest, I mentioned it to the arresting officer, who said, "Well? Don't you think you ought to think about that?" (August 12, 13, 14, or 15, 2007)

In the jail, several officers repeatedly told me, "You did this to yourself."

I refused to sign the warrant for which they picked me up and they admitted they did not have it when they came to the door - proving my cooperation. I requested lawyer and they told me, "Shit, we don't need to go through all that! Just sign the fucking papers." The unidentified officer was verbally abusive, intimidating, and threatening. I never signed the warrant and Kenny Fox admitted on the stand that the signature was his. (October 1, 2007)

According to the Decatur County Clerk's office, there are no recordings, no minutes, and no files detailing the "trial."

When I discussed this with an authority he said, "It sounds like time to get the TBI involved." Before I could say much more, he said, "Let me ask you: was Kenny Fox involved?"

"Yes! He was the main instigator! How did you even..."

"He has a long record of this kind of stuff."

"With me you mean, or in general?"

"Oh no, he said - just a lo-ong record!"

The probation officer told me today that they will violate me for probation at the end of this month (IF they wait that long) because it doesn't matter how long the judge gave me; he doesn't keep up with that sort of thing. When asked if this was a "Decatur County Policy," the secretary became abusive with me. I explained:

"That's what I have been told whenever a Decatur County Policy law differes from State and Federal Laws and I am just wondering if that is a matter of Decatur County Policy or if this is the way things are handled elsewhere."

Curtly, she said, "I don't know how other counties handle it."

ANY help, ALL guest-bloggers - any money to help pay off the fine (you will be paid-back, though it will take several months) - ANY AND EVERYTHING!

Anything might help. Thanks again!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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Abigail Again said...

by the way if you have any other problems go to circuit court it happens a few times a month.. its where the people who have been charged with felonies go.. Stand up at the end of court and tell creed mckinley the judge what they are doing to you..