Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doing What I Can...

Sorry things have been so slow the past week, guys. I received some e-mails from the guys over to Image Comics to do some previewing of a few yet-to-be-released titles and issues and I was scoping those out yesterday. Unfortunately, my effing Vista Mail program crapped-out on me and no one knows how to help me... except maybe Microsoft, who is denying me the customer service they said I should expect for 90 days after purchasing their shitty product!

And don't even start with the Linux shit, Penguinheads. I'll have you know I have SuSe Linux 10.x and a cable modem, as well as a subscription to the magazine (now digital only), but it does me no good: most of the programs I use are Windows-specific. In fact, few of them even have Macintosh versions, let alone Linux!

I'm stuck - and I mean that in every way possible. Microsoft stuck me - hard, fast, and violently - again.

Anyway, not counting the time I've lost (so far) to this, I am having to try and recover whatever information I can in order to bring it to you. Just bear with me and I'm sorry I have to keep asking y'all to do that, but if I were in control of everything that needed to get done, it would get done - well... just not on time.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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